Interview tips from school careers day

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Interview tips from school careers day

Yesterday I took part in a careers events for Year 9s at Comberton Village College, organised through the Cambridge Area 14-19 Partnership. There were about 20 volunteers from the world of work speaking to the Year 9s either about their career area or job seeking skills such as CV writing. My area was to give advice on interviews and workplace demeanour.

Here is the hand out I prepared for the event, which I thought would make an interesting blog post:


Prep about the company

  • Why do you think you would want to work there – get enthused about the role
  • Prepare questions to ask

Treat as a two way exercise

  • Is the job right for you?
  • This helps with confidence

Questions in the interview

  • As part of your prep, what skills are required for the job?
  • What relevant experience or transferable skills do you have?
  • Prepare examples to demonstrate these skills
  • Do practise interviews

Some standard questions you can prepare responses to

  • Tell me about you in two minutes
  • Why do you want to work in this area
  • Relevant experience
  • How do you organise your time
  • Biggest weakness
  • Biggest accomplishment
  • Example of when you have been criticised

First impressions

  • Firm handshake
  • Appearance
    • Appropriate dress (check in advance/over dress to be sure)
    • Look smart
  • Eye contact
  • Body language and posture

9 pointers on workplace demeanour

  1. Be prepared to deal and socialise with a wide range of ages and personalities
  2. Professional verbal and written communication – not text speak
  3. Be open to learning new things
  4. Care about the job
  5. Get to know the company
  6. Ask questions
  7. View as a career not just a job
  8. Help others out
  9. Get involved in the fabric of the company


Chris Walthew, Managing Director, Prospect Research. 

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