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Posted on: 21 April 2017

Some of you will be familiar with the concept of the “VUCA world”, for those who aren’t it stands for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This is relevant in the world of B2B marketing because markets are shifting and changing quicker than ever before and if you don’t keep a critical eye on what is happening in your industry, you might lose your competitive advantage. Although some companies have the resources to allow them to do this in house, others choose to outsource their research, analysis and lead generation to companies like Prospect Research, because not only will you receive honest feedback about what you market is thinking and doing, we are also a cost effective solution for companies who don’t currently have the resources and capabilities to perform these tasks themselves.

Some companies don’t realise that they will receive additional benefits, besides well qualified leads and unbiased market research reports, when outsourcing marketing campaigns to companies such as Prospect Research.

1. We make the most of every call

We know that every call can be used to gather information to build a pipeline for our clients. We gather correct, up to date decision maker contact names and email addresses. We also confirm their physical address and check for alternate contact names if the decision maker is difficult to reach. We gather as much information about their current suppliers, how they go about procurement and when contacts are up for review. So even if there is no current opportunity there, you will know when next to approach them and who to target.

2. We find out what your prospects think about the competition

Although you already know who your direct competition is and what your market share looks like against them, you might not know what your prospects think about you in comparison to them and why they choose the competition over you. These are questions we always ask decision makers so we can give our clients a clear idea of what they need to do in order to improve their products or services.

3. We know how prospects feel during uncertain times

Recently the macro economic environment has been very volatile and uncertain with political changes such as Brexit on the horizon, many companies are afraid of how changes in the GDP will affect profits in the next few years. We speak to prospects in many different industries and have identified trends in certain markets that we can use to advise our clients on the best strategies to adopt moving forward.

Posted: 21 April 2017 | B2B, Blog, Outsourcing


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