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Live Listening – Get inside your campaign.

Posted on: 2 December 2015

Live listening can be crucial for when you have an in-house telemarketing resource or an outsourced telemarketing partner. This is easily done by using a double head set, or logging into the call system being used, so you can hear both sides of the conversation.  This article focuses on the benefits of live listening.

Regardless of your product/services, you want to ensure that the telemarketer representing your company is credible.  Do they have enough knowledge of your company?  Are they maintaining the level of professionalism that you expect from anyone representing your company? Through live listening, you can double check that the telemarketer is representing your company well.

Whilst live listening, you can give the telemarketer advice and guidance on ways to improve the conversation. Don’t be afraid to question something and work with your telemarketing partner to improve it.  After all, it is your campaign and you are the expert in the industry.

You may find that some of the prospects are put off when the telemarketer uses a specific turn of phrase to describe your business. There are ways to work around this which your telemarketing company will be able to help you with. Eventually you will have an engaging call approach that covers your business in a way that prospects gel with.

It’s always good to create a call structure before you start your campaign, and through live listening you and your telemarketer can test out whether this works or not, and re-word as appropriate.

Posted: 2 December 2015 | Blog


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