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Mistakes Made when doing appointment setting

Mistakes Made When Doing Appointment Setting.

Posted on: 25 November 2019

The process of appointment setting is very important in almost all types of businesses. Let it be an appointment for a salon, a doctor’s appointment or an appointment for a business meeting. It lets things happen in a systematic and organized way. Telemarketing companies sometimes make critical mistakes in this process that leads them to lesser bookings and a lack of information about their clients. It ultimately leads to poor management that ruins your good name in the market which causes your customers to drive away.

We have mentioned some of the very common mistakes that marketers make while setting an appointment with their customers or clients.

Engaging With The Wrong People

This is mostly due to careless market research that you have to approach people who are not even interested in the product that your company is selling. It wastes your time and money. It also annoys the lead who doesn’t have anything to do with your product and services.

The more you spend your time in contacting an unqualified lead, the more time is wasted to approach a qualified lead. During this period that you are wasting with an unqualified lead, another competitor of yours may approach a qualified lead and you will have to remain empty-handed in the end.

Relying On Non-Experts To Book Appointments

When you have a Telemarketing Company, make sure to have qualified staff who has all the skills required in this field. He should be well aware of all the dos and don’ts. An appointment setting is a final step in telemarketing and it needs to be done in an organized manner.

Not Updating Customer Relationship Management Record

While setting appointments, you should not forget to update the customer relationship management record. Your busy schedule while dealing with contacts regarding sales may lead you to forget about adding notes to this customer relationship management record profile after every appointment setting call.

Using The Wrong Tools To Track Phone Calls

Using the wrong tools to approach your leads may cause disruptions in the phone call. It would show the unprofessional behaviour from your side and the client may lose his trust in you.

Not Giving Enough Or Too Much Information To Consumers

People these days are too busy and have very little time for everything they do. Hence, they have their time fixed for every little thing. When you converse with them, they have a hundred other things going on in their minds. So, the best way to convey your message to them is to give them exact information about what you are getting them into. First, ask them if they want to know briefly or in detail. Go as per their choices so they don’t lose interest in the conversation.

These basic mistakes mentioned here might have given you an insight into what you should avoid doing while setting an appointment with your leads to putting a good impression on them. We wish you good luck with setting appointments next time without these mistakes.

Posted: 25 November 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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