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Mistakes Made when doing Market Research

Most Common Mistakes Made When Doing Market Research.

Posted on: 29 November 2019

A successful telemarketing process mostly depends on market research. People who are not skilled enough may do blunders in it and hence ruin the future steps too. Market Research tells us about the dos and don’ts in the market.

Your research should be well conducted in this field as it is a very critical process. Some people even skip this process and search for their potential clients on the internet which is obviously not the right way to do it. Market Research should be conducted with all the presence of mind and it should be made sure that there are no mistakes.

Following are few of these mistakes that people make in market research:

Asking The Wrong Questions

It is often suggested to first make a proper script of your questions. Your script should be very neutral and interesting too. It should grab the attention of your prospect. It should not be too formal or too friendly. Both these cases will make the prospect uncomfortable and he may end up hanging up the call.

Make the call interactive. Talk to them about their interests and link your product to them in your talks. Make them curious, so they question you back. If your questions are wrong and offensive, all your research would be wasted.

Asking The Wrong Target Audience

You should have a list of people that might be interested in your product or services. When the target audience would be wrong, your future steps will ultimately fail. While working on the product, you should have it clear in your mind if it is about kids, ladies, mothers, fathers or whoever.

Not Utilizing The Results From The Market Research

You should have a good track on the market results. Your research doesn’t stop after launching your product in the market. It increases more. You should be aware of how people are reacting to your product and why are they buying it or why are they not buying it.

You should utilize these results and then keep them in record for further follow up.

 Not Knowing What You Are Looking For From The Research

Most of the companies fail, as they don’t research about the marketing and production techniques of their competitors. It is important to have a good knowledge about the market as it makes us aware about strategies of other companies who can be our competitors in the future or who already are.

Fear Of The Follow Up

People usually miss follow-up calls. They are not aware of its importance and what big difference it makes to your business. You should not be nervous about the rejection that you may have to face. Sending a follow up email can also do a good job, but a cold call works best. Don’t let fear of rejection over power you. Ask the relevant questions to get a proper feedback. People will respond you whole heartedly when they’ll see so many emails or calls from you.

Posted: 29 November 2019 | Blog, Market Research, Telemarketing


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