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My work experience at Prospect Research.

Posted on: 13 June 2016

By a Year 10 Work Experience Student from Sawston Village College.

As a young person like me grows up and sees people working all around them, a question floats in their mind – what do I want to be when I grow up?

A number of answers have circulated in my mind through all of the years, from a pilot to DJ, but none have ever stuck with me more than when I built my first computer. It was then and only then, I knew I wanted to do something in IT. Now, marketing and IT aren’t necessarily the same (they have their similarities) but having work experience in a place where computers are always used is still better than me ending up at Tescos stacking shelves.

I’m hoping that for the next fortnight, I will gain some extremely valuable knowledge of how the world of work works, how marketing works (as I don’t know much) and what it feels like to work in a company.

My first day started with me with the whole of the company, talking about their accomplishments from the past week. It gave me an insight into what this company achieves on a weekly basis and it’s something the company should be proud of. The meeting ended and twenty minutes later I was sitting at my desk, scanning across business cards and inputting their details into a database. It may not be the most beneficial of tasks, but at least I’m saving the time an energy of other workers, and like I said before, it’s better than being at Tescos. Then before I knew it, time flies by when you work (surprisingly) and it was half-five in the evening and I was ready to go home.

Work experience

On my second day, I had the task of finding clients who I thought were suitable for James, one of the Account Directors, to approach about outsourced telemarketing. It was a big responsibility the company had given me and I felt I had helped the company in a small, but helpful way. I also got the opportunity to listen to calls that were being made directly with the clients and it was fantastic to see how it all worked, from the client’s side and this company’s side.

Finally, I accompanied Beth and Victoria, Prospect’s Office Manager, to a meeting with BrightVisions – Prospect Research’s IT doctors – about the future of Prospect Research’s servers and if anything needed to be upgraded. It was interesting to sit in a meeting with another company and listen to them propose ideas and see how it all evolved into an actual idea that will take into effect.

After settling into the company for the first week, I had thoroughly enjoyed myself working with co-workers in the office, sorting databases, creating and managing spreadsheets and finding missing information of clients. I had learned a lot in my first week which is very pleasing and I hope to learn more and more in my second week of working at Prospect Research.

The second week started the same as the first, except instead of sitting at the table, we stood around the main office and again, said our positives from the past week. I was then given the task again to find clients for James so he could call them and hopefully get a lead. Beth and I had also edited and uploaded the first half of this blog on the website and took my photo of it.

Throughout the week, Chris had given me work to do regarding his new business – Clip ‘n Climb – and I had to create new databases with information from all the schools across Cambridge. It took me around a day and a half to do it and I was proud of the work I had created. I’m also proud of a little randomiser I created that randomised a set of numbers that corresponded to e-mail addresses from a university, and whoever’s number was generated won a prize draw.

When I started this work experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect so I didn’t really come into it with the most appropriate mind-set. But throughout these past two weeks, I have gained knowledge in the world of marketing, knowledge in the way the world of work works and most importantly, I got to find out how I’d work with computers in a working environment. Overall, my experience here has been fantastic and I wouldn’t have been anywhere else for work experience. From creating databases to listening to how phone calls work, I can’t really think of a negative experience that I’ve had here and I thank Prospect Research for that.

Working with our student

By Beth Walthew, Director, Prospect Research

We invited our student into Prospect Research over a two week period, after I worked with his College as part of their Young Enterprise programme.  His work has been of real benefit to the company, and I have been really impressed with his work ethos and the way he’s taken on new projects in the company.  His blog above is verbatim.  I wanted him to write about his real experience. Work experience is a great way for young people to start to learn about the world of work, and harness those transferable skills that they can use across many different sectors.

Posted: 13 June 2016 | Blog, Work Experience


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