New market research division at Prospect Research

By 25th September 2013Blog, Company, Market Research

Dedicated market research division

Prospect Research, has launched a dedicated market research division headed up by Director, Beth Walthew and Account Manager, Graham Mines. Their main area of focus is helping companies gain a better understanding of their customers and target markets.  Research can explore areas that can help to refine their product and services to make them fit for market, and enhance their customer service and marketing strategies.

Beth Walthew, an Associate Member of the Market Research Society, states ‘Market research has been an offering from Prospect Research for a long time, but with the launch of the new division, we are able to offer many more research services than before.

Understanding the relationships you have with customers and prospective customers is central to growing your business.’ To receive our free article “How can market research help my B2B marketing strategy?”, contact Beth Walthew.