Spreading the word about Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships are still the hot topics with the Universities that we work with, but we are finding that as well as generating leads with employers, our work also encompasses promoting awareness of these Apprenticeships.

This lack of awareness of the funding available was highlighted at a recent summit of employers at Sheffield Hallam University.

So what can Universities do?  If you’re using an in-house team, or an outsourced Apprenticeship telemarketing company, we hope that these five helping hands can give you some ideas.

  1. Target your data when contacting employers

By talking to employers about success that you have had with a specific Higher/Degree Apprenticeship, or with other learning and development in a specific sector, can open doors when talking to employers.  Segment your data by sector and employee numbers to hone your data list.

  1. Ensure that you develop a call structure that includes key information about how Higher and Degree Apprenticeships work

After you have introduced yourself, take some time to ask questions about the employers knowledge and awareness of Apprenticeships.  Depending on what they say, you can start your call with key information to bring them up to speed.

  1. Be clear about how Higher and Degree Apprenticeships can be accessed by employers

If employers know very little about Apprenticeships, that likelihood is that they don’t know how they can be incorporated into their L&D plans.  Again, take the time to give them information that is very clear about how Apprenticeships can help strengthen the skills set in a company, as well as any information about funding.

  1. Think slightly longer term

There is no reason why you can’t speak to an employer about a programme they don’t know about, and by the end of the call, have discussed it enough for them to decide that their next step should be to meet with you.  However, also think longer term.  Do you have information that you can send out after the initial call, and then schedule a call back when the employer has read the information so you can discuss whether meeting up is a good plan?  Ensure that your literature is clear and informative.

  1. Take a holistic view of lead generation

We find that Universities have great success when we take a holistic view, discussing L&D options in general with employers, and getting to know more about their business and skills needs.  Promote Higher and Degree Apprenticeships alongside your other offerings, so the employer can see how they fit in the broader scheme of thing.

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