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Steps to a Successful Lead Generation Strategy.

Posted on: 1 December 2017

Finding great sales opportunities through lead generation is essential for businesses of all sizes. That means all companies need a proactive lead generation strategy, but many organisations simply don’t have the time for following up leads or identifying leads in the target market.

Then there’s the difficult job of transforming cold leads to warm leads, before passing them through the sales funnel for the sales team to convert. This process needs to be perfected and repeated in order to achieve business growth.

Here are some basic steps to follow to ensure you implement a successful lead generation strategy.

  1. Let your website do the work

Lead generation isn’t just about outbound marketing techniques such as telemarketing, although these can make the strategy stronger. Evaluate your website and make sure you are doing enough to create leads. Design clear call to action buttons, encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or contact you through a contact form – getting an email address is key for further communication.

  1. Lead magnets

You should be providing at least one lead magnet on your website, to convert visitors into leads. Without this in your strategy, you could lose the majority of your traffic who will never visit your website again. A lead magnet acts as an exchange – you give away something for free in exchange for contact details. That way you can build your contact database and have a higher chance of generating leads. A lead magnet has to be something useful for your target customers, usually some free content such as an eBook or whitepaper, a webinar or a free trial of a service or product.

  1. Email marketing

Chase those leads with an effective email marketing campaign. This can increase engagement and is an opportunity to communicate with leads throughout the decision making process. We’re not just talking about a monthly newsblast – you’ll have to be more targeted than that to succeed in lead generation. Create different email content for different buyer personas and ensure each campaign is relevant, or you’ll soon notice a mass un-subscription.

  1. Hire the professionals

In addition to digital efforts, you may also need to reach out directly to audiences to find relevant leads. Market research companies can support lead generation campaigns through targeted telemarketing and using the latest software, such as Barbour ABI lead generation. With a helping hand from the professionals who have the time to warm your sales leads, you can double your business opportunities.

Leads constantly need topping up, and you should treat every lead as a profitable opportunity. Get in touch if you need any more advice on a lead generation strategy.

Posted: 1 December 2017 | Blog, Lead Generation


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