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Telemarketing in the Insurance Industry.

Posted on: 8 May 2019

Recently insurance companies have been looking for a new way of selling their insurance to a mass market, what better way than to invest in telemarketing. With telemarketing insurance companies can access hundreds or even thousands of potential customer.

Here are a few of the benefits of insurance telemarketing:

·         Cost-effective marketing

·         Immediately gauge a client’s level of interest in the product

·         Reach a larger audience with telemarketing

·         Measurable results

·         Get more qualified leads that your sales staff can focus on closing sale and retaining customers

·         High return of investment

·         The increase in technology makes it easier to reach out to people weather that be down the phone or through email

Using telemarketing to get your insurance company out there can change your company forever. With the leads generated from telemarketing your company can get a foothold in the insurance market; if a new insurance company to not use telemarketing in the early stages of development then they will struggle with finding a sufficient number of customers this is because most of the already existing insurance companies use telemarketing to spread their customer span all over the country or even world for bigger insurance companies.

Mobile phones and other forms of technology have become increasingly popular over the past 15 years with huge technological advancements in phones and computers so why not take advantage of that? As any company you should be thinking of investing into some form of telemarketing or telesales. This is because more and more people each year own a phone or laptop and it is almost a necessity in a business to own at least a phone. So as an insurance agency why not people are beginning to own more and more expensive items as we advance so why not capitalise and give telemarketing a shot to give your company a boost in customers.

With the increase of the digital marketing sector, more and more thing is being sold online including insurance. The main reason why people buy online more nowadays is the amount of research that they can do online, every question is answered online this makes telemarketing perfect for this day and age due to the detail telemarketers can go into with the personal touch that makes customers more comfortable. Around 67 to 70% of the world population own a mobile phone and almost every business owns a telephone. This means that telemarketing have access to one of the largest percentages of potential customers depending where you are based. This reach can be highly effective with smaller firms who do not have a strong footing in the industry.

Selling insurance through telemarketing is very different to selling normal items through telemarketing. Selling insurance requires a lot more of a personal way of selling as you aim to establish trust between you and the customer with the personal questions being asked. When selling insurance it is always good to ask some qualifying questions early on in the call say for instance you are selling car insurance: Do you own a car?, Are you happy with your current car insurance premium? And would you like me to run a quote? These are all questions you could ask are the most effective way of using both yours and the customer’s time allowing you to get on the customers level. If you’re selling car insurance there is no point spending five minutes pitching insurance to someone who does not own a car. You need to pitch the right insurance to the right customers.

Insurance can also be sold through objective and spin selling. Objective focuses on highlighting the positive of the insurance you are selling to customer this requires a deep understanding of the insurance packages you are trying to sell. Objective selling is effective if you can link the insurance package to the customer’s needs from there insurance. Whereas spin selling focuses on the negative of the customers current insurance and using these negatives to focus on the customer’s needs finding them an insurance that will fit around the customers’ needs. These are all effective ways to find potential customers.

Telemarketing is a high return of investment rate, while some companies will receive high returns some may not receive as high return of investments it is all down to the market at the time. However telemarketing is still a cheap and easy way to make a decent return on investment as every call that goes through even if it not an instant success has a chance to at a later date become a success. This is because telemarketing companies will follow up on some calls later this keeps your company fresh in the mind of the consumer in case they need your services at a later date.

All things considered, telemarketing will be great for any insurance company looking for a cheap effective way to get in new customers from all over the country. The return of investment coming from a telemarketing company makes them worth every penny invested into them with the increase in phones and sales of expensive items that will need insuring; telemarketing is one of the more obvious paths as a marketing strategy for an insurance agency.

Posted: 8 May 2019 | Blog, Proffessional Services, Telemarketing


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