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The Do's and Don'ts of telemarketing

Telemarketing in the Technology Sector.

Posted on: 3 July 2019

People still use telemarketing all around to buy and sell products.

Hence, it is considered the best technique to engage with your customers in a campaign or using different marketing techniques.

Good telemarketing companies tend to focus more on getting good quality appointments with completely certified prospects. Just like other sectors, it can work well with the technology sector as well to find leads and engage clients. Telemarketing in technology companies is an outlook that is used extensively when it concerns lead generation.

Following are some of the ways to use telemarketing in the technology sector:

Consider your target audience

While using telemarketing for a technology sector, the target audience should be kept in consideration. People associated with the technology sector should be researched. Their information should be gathered for easy approaching. Usually companies from the technology sectors focus less on telemarketing and this eventually results in an ineffective campaign that is short-lived and has disappointing outcomes.

Work out what your audience needs

Most of the time, people in the technology sector depend on cold calls to for the expansion of their sales. Although it is true that that telemarketing companies do too much for it, they give buyers what they are looking for. The issue that arises here is that the competitors may also be in a contract with some of your target customers. Here, you have to find options that are out of the way to attract them towards your business. You need to be much better than your competitors to surpass them and have the audience by your side.

Understand their sales process and sales pipeline

We understand the fact that our clients are mostly interested in leads that qualify their budget, authority, need and timescale (BANT). The issue that arises here is of budget, that says that budget problem does not always allow leads qualified through BANT in a short time period. It is also too difficult to look out for leads that meet the complete criteria of BANT. It takes a longer period of time to search for such good quality leads.

How do we get to know the worth of a lead?

The revenue generated by clients through successful sales can be in six to seven figures or even beyond. When making an agreement with the telemarketing team, it is essential to know the worth of a lead. It mostly depends upon the quality of the occasion and opportunity. It is however, very important to understand that the price of the sale of telemarketing venture to generate a lead and the price of goods to favour the client.

Posted: 3 July 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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