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Telemarketing- What to do when rejected?.

Posted on: 26 July 2019

Rejections are a part of life.

Some days are good while the others are often not that great as anticipated. Eventually, you have to keep moving forward in your life. It may hit you hard in the beginning but you should learn to get over it.

When we think about the word ‘rejection’, it somehow incites fear within us of not being able to do something that we had wished or hoped to do. However, at every stage and step of the way, you must learn how to conquer these rejections and move up and beyond to outperform yourself. Similarly, telemarketing is a field where there are often situations during which you may have to face countless rejections.

Below are some of the ways using which you can deal with such situations or rejections:

Stay Prepared

It usually happens that a customer may say “Thank you but I’m not interested”. After hearing these words, you might go blank for a couple of seconds thinking how to respond back but it’s better that with every call, you go in prepared mentally, even if you have to  face rejection.

Don’t Take It Personally

Most of the time when you approach a potential customer and they end the call by rejecting the offer, it usually means that your product or service was not what that customer was looking for or maybe it was out of their budget range. Rather than taking this rejection personally, you will need to stay optimistic about other reasons that could have helped you lock the sale and look at all the positives.

Be Professional

This is a field where everything happens on a phone call. So, the best way to cope up with it is to remain professional as much as you can. If you ever feel like that the customer is just wasting your time by asking irrelevant questions, do not ever lose your temper. Answer them patiently and politely. Your behaviour would be evident through your conduct on call. If they would ever need your services in the future, your positive attitude is what will lead them back to you.

Expect It

You should be well aware of this field and how rejections take place one minute after the other. Don’t build your hopes too high. In case, if they fail, you won’t have to go through much turmoil as you will be prepared beforehand.

Be Persistent But Don’t Overdo It

Your potential customer may not be very interested in your product now but at some point later, he or she might require your services. Hence, be persistent and keep a check on them regularly to make sure you get your sale without annoying the client.

 Ask Why?

Before ending the call, you must try and ask the client about their reason for rejecting your offer. Feedback, in the end, is very important because even minute details can turn off your potential customer, hence costing you the sale. Moreover, doing so would aid in future cold calling as you will learn about things to avoid while being on call with a client.

Posted: 26 July 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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