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Why should you use a script when working in telemarketing

The importance of having a call approach, when working in telemarketing.

Posted on: 6 February 2020

When working in telemarketing, we are faced with many challenges such as getting through to the correct people, getting the lead and then qualifying that lead.

However, if you haven’t had a great deal of experience in prospecting for business opportunities by telephone, one of the toughest  challenges when working in telemarketing is working out what to say when you get through to the key decision-maker, or to influence the person who might connect you to them, and once you have spoken to them, working out what what qualifies that as a lead.

Founded in 2004, Prospect Research has assisted thousands of companies improve sales and revenues and we find that scripts are the best for Market Research, while telemarketing requires a Call Approach that has been pre-agreed with our client and that can be a little more fluid and intuitive. In this way, it helps us when it comes to achieving high quality leads, or to make appointments for pre-qualified meetings. We find these call approaches act as an outline to a business conversation that helps us engage the interest of prospects in a range of ways, including:

Ensuring we cover what we need to.

When working on on the telephone as an outsourced  telemarketing partner, we have to be credible ambassadors for our clients.  Therefore, having a call approach or script helps plan our approach to uncovering the business needs, if there is a budget in place, and who will make decisions on the project. We don’t SELL anything, we prospect and pre-qualify leads and interest for the client’s Sales Team or specialists, to close.

Improve productivity

Having a prewritten call approach or script, helps to increase our productivity as it means consistency. With pre-agreed call approaches, worked on consistently by the Account Manager who has a greater depth of knowledge, so that they can guide and mentor their team, we are able to perfect the approach to ensure that it uncovers the key information. Our telemarketing team can hit the ground running and get on with calling, and getting key team members using the same script outline or call approach for the same campaigns, helps to maintain consistent quality.

Helps to make sure that we don’t miss out important information

When it comes to having a an agreed call outline, it helps  us to ensure that we ask all the important questions and don’t miss anything. We need this in order to qualify leads, or make appointments for the client to follow up; this can be with an appointment, a demonstration, white-paper deliveries, webinar attendance or opportunities to quote. As we work with diverse organisations such as Universities and Further Education Colleges to electrical contractors, manufacturers, construction companies and allied trades, IT specialist companies of all sizes, so our team have to be mentally agile and ensure that we cover what is required.

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