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Top rules for telemarketing

The Top 5 Rules of Telemarketing.

Posted on: 7 November 2019

Telemarketing is a growing business these days, providing a multitude of job opportunities for the youth in general. It is a very difficult job since telemarketers have to deal with continuous rejections and still maintain their level of calmness. They have to make sure that there is not a pinch of anger or annoyance in their conversations with customers or it might make them look disinterested.

It has a set of favourable rules that need to be followed to yield good results and to satisfy the clients as well.

Here are some golden rules that should be followed:

Define Your Target Audience

The first point in telemarketing is that you know which class or which group of people you are approaching with your product. You should be very well aware if your product targets women, men, teenagers, students or everyone. It helps you with your market research.

Focus Your Message Depending On The Person Who Is On The Phone

You should focus on the person who is talking to you, and then talk to him as per his taste. Your talks according to his choice will draw his interest towards you and he’ll listen to what you have to say. It also depends on good market research. When you are prepared for every potential customer, it won’t take much time to finalize a deal with them.

Make Enough Phone Calls (The More Phone Calls Made, The More You Are Likely To Get A Result)

You ought to have good stamina. In this field, the very first thing one should know is to handle rejection. It takes time for you to recover from the rejection that you have faced in the last call. You must prepare yourself with it and then approach every client. If he accepts your offer, you’re lucky enough and if not, then it was not in your destiny.

Every call should encourage you to make another call. A large number of phone calls made in a day can give you better results as compared to fewer calls.

Make Sure You Have A Good Introduction To The Phone Call

If you are a telemarketer, you know how tough it gets when you have to face the gatekeeper. For this purpose, you should open your call with a very impressive introduction to inspire the gatekeeper, then only he’ll put you through to the right place. This will ultimately lead him to take your call to the person who you wish to talk to.

Ask Good Questions

One of the very impressive ways to attract the attention of your lead towards your talks is by asking intriguing questions. Challenging questions make them think about it and you get to their minds. If you ask them about the weaknesses of their product, it will make them think about your question. It would also force them to answer you so that you don’t develop any negative view about their product in your mind.

Posted: 7 November 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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