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Three reasons why telemarketing is not a dirty word.

Posted on: 10 October 2016

We have all encountered the annoying phone calls and text messages offering to clear our debts, refund PPI or compensate us for accidents that never happened, all of which turn “telemarketing” into a dirty word. However B2B telemarketing is invaluable to many businesses of, all sizes, looking to generate leads, conduct market research and increase brand awareness. Prospect Research is a member of the DMA, and therefore adheres to their Code of Conduct, which is based on an ethical way of engaging with prospects through telemarketing.

  1. Identify specific needs and facilitate business connections through focused calling

Telemarketing, done correctly, is an excellent, strategic marketing tool. Calling prospects in specific target markets can mean the difference between high success rates, comprising of well received calls and hitting a brick wall, leaving angry prospects in your wake. Ask questions.  Think about why you need to know to understand why there might be a link between you and your prospects.  When prospects receive calls in relation to relevant opportunities, they are much happier to engage in a meaningful conversation with you.

  1. Appreciate that building a relationship takes time, patience and strong interpersonal skills

Successful telemarketing can depend on who is doing the calling as much who is being called. Telemarketers should be trained, articulate and well informed about the product or service they are promoting. This is where outsourcing your telemarketing to professionals can be strategically advantageous.

  1. Generate solid leads

Prospecting solid leads to enter the sales pipeline takes time. A good telemarketer will be skilled in identifying the correct contact person, which often involves a certain amount of research and digging. Engaging the decision maker at a convenient time to introduce your company and explain the reason for your call takes strong interpersonal skills. Be mindful that you might have caught them at a really busy time.  Think about how to gain interest, but then book in a time to discuss further.

All businesses rely on various forms of marketing to promote themselves and telemarketing has proven to be an effective tool in doing so. Telemarketing is not a dirty word, it’s an important cog in the machine that is your business and can help facilitate profitable business relationships in the future.

Posted: 10 October 2016 | B2B, Blog, Lead Generation, Telemarketing


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