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Challenges faced when doing lead Generation

Top 10 Mistakes Made When Doing Telemarketing.

Posted on: 12 August 2019

Human beings tend to make mistakes whether it’s in their personal or professional lives. No work is completed without making mistakes while trying to attempt it with perfection. Also, people say that mistakes make a man perfect. It is indeed quite true. When we make certain mistakes, we end up learning how to improve on them next time.

Hence, with every mistake, comes a new lesson.

However, following are some of the major mistakes that are most often made in the field of telemarketing and should be avoided to attain the best results.

Not Doing Enough Research

Market research is the first step in telemarketing. It requires detailed work with full dedication to conduct thorough research regarding every minute detail associated with either a lead or anything in general associated with telemarketing. Not being able to do good market research may land you in trouble in the upcoming phases that are more crucial for a telemarketer.

Having An Over-Aggressive Sales Pitch

Your tone matters a lot in telemarketing. You set your tone high for a moment and you will go wrong in the conversation, wasting the lead. New telemarketers who are usually inexperienced, don’t quite know what the perfect pitch is like while trying to lock a sale. They may end up achieving it using an overly aggressive tone, but that would risk the reputation of the company and destroy their good name in the market.

Not Giving An Introduction

While starting a conversation with a new person, it is very important to introduce yourself. This conversation may be on the phone or in person if things materialize further, but the introduction is very important. The customer on the opposite end won’t realize if you start offering your service without even giving a proper introduction.

Working With A Bad Database Set

A database should be complete with all important details present in it. Good research and information should be gathered before performing calls for sales.

Not Listening To What The Person Has To Say

As a professional and efficient telemarketer, you should not always keep on selling your products, but you should also listen to what the client has to say from the opposite side of the call. Only listening to you might put them off and the call might end abruptly. Hence, you should listen and also try to work on what they have to say.

Making The Call Sound Too Much Like A Sales Call

This is a very important point among the top ten mistakes often made when doing telemarketing. Your aim during a call is to find leads and book appointments with prospects rather than continuously selling your products on the call.

Being Forceful In The Call

Don’t force anyone on the call. Do your work and try to change their mind in the most polite way possible to make them happy.

Pitching To The Wrong Person

It is possible that a gatekeeper receives a call and starts talking to you, but you should only open up to the actual decision-maker

Using Closed Questions

It often happens that telemarketers use closed questions. However, your aim as a telemarketer should be to try and have the prospect converse as well. Do not go for closed questions.

Relying Too Much On The Script

Do not completely rely on the script. It’s only there to guide you. Try to make conversation, improvise and stay humble and polite.

Posted: 12 August 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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