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Top Secrets To Telemarketing.

Posted on: 6 August 2019

Telemarketing is an extremely demanding job to perform.

A telemarketer has to convince his or her potential clients sitting afar on a phone call. It might sound interesting as a job to just make calls sitting on a desk, but it is not.

Hundreds of phone calls in a day, and you gain a few clients.

It requires much patience to face rejections when you have to make calls back to back and your prospect hangs up on you without even listening what you have to say or offer. Here are some secrets of telemarketing which you can explore to up your game.

Need A Good Opening Line To Grab Attention

It is not only in telemarketing but in our daily lives also that we need a good introductory opening line to grab the attention of the person opposite to us. Telemarketing is all about dealing with moods of your prospect clients. In such a case, an efficient script is very important so that you can have an intellectual conversation without wasting much of your and the other person’s time.

It can sound positive and friendly when you call a person with their first name. It would show that you are taking responsibility of the call you are making and develop a strong bond once that opening line has set the playing field for you.

The Tone Of Voice Is Everything

Tone is a major factor to take into consideration when talking to a lead. Your tone portrays your behaviour towards that person.  It doesn’t mean that you should be good at talking or you should be too talkative. It simply means that your tone of voice should be low, kind and not come off as aggressive.

In other words, it should attract the attention of your prospect. They should be drawn to you by your way of talking. Tone creates a visual effect while conversing on the phone that how a person would be speaking if they were in front of us. Mostly 80% of the results on the calls come from our tone.  Your voice should compel the other person to listen to what you have to say.

An effective telemarketer would very well know the ways to use their tone effectively in different types of situation.

Don’t Be Too Loud When On The Phone

Your voice should be low and well composed so that you sound like a calm and composed professional telemarketer. Some people have a habit of speaking quickly and too loudly. They should practice how to speak well on a phone call with their clients beforehand to avoid any inconvenience later.

Never Hang Up Immediately

An early hang-up may sound rude and it would show your disinterest in the client. It would be good, if you wait for your client to end the conversation and schedule a follow-up call first then hang up. Otherwise, it may turn the client off and they might lose interest in the conversation you just had with them.

Don’t Be Rude

If something is not right on your end and you are not feeling up to it, make sure that your prospect does not figure it out from your tone or conversation, especially if you come off as rude. Your annoyance may trigger their mood and behaviour with you.

Posted: 6 August 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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