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Cost Effective Telemarketing

Top Tips for Cost-Effective Telemarketing.

Posted on: 23 May 2019

Telemarketing is a very common marketing technique used to boost the sales and worth of a business or a particular product. Phone calls are made to potential customers and deals are grabbed.

If you have a small business, then you won’t spend too much on telemarketing. One or two callers would be enough to handle the calling, but if you have a well-established business and you plan to expand it more by telemarketing, you’d require more than two callers.

If you always want things to be in your control, then you’ll most probably opt for in-house telemarketing and it would be costly. Investing your money would give you better results if telemarketing is done effectively.

Following are few of the important tricks for cost-effective telemarketing. Working on these tips would give you results worth your investment:

Set Objectives

Planning prepares you and setting goals and objectives would make your telemarketing more productive. Set your objectives for the day, that how many calls you need to make per day or per sale. Only making calls won’t make a difference in your sales, but planning would definitely turn out to be effective.

Handle gatekeepers politely

When doing B2B telemarketing, you would often have to deal with gatekeepers first. They do not usually forward the calls to the actual person you want to talk to, so it is advised to handle them kindly and politely. You should try to sound more like a personal caller than a telemarketer in order to deceive them. You may even try saying that the particular person asked you to call at this time, hence, you’d like the call to be forwarded to him.

Do not get irritated easily and don’t open up to gatekeepers because that would waste your call.

Break down your calls into sessions

You may try this strategy of breaking one long call into two to three sessions. This would increase curiosity in the customer’s mind and he would wait for your call in the future to hear the remaining details. Long calls are often boring as the person on the call loses interest in the subject and tries to end the conversation, but you may end your call after 2 to 3 minutes saying “Think about this offer and we’ll get back to you with more details”. This would also impact the customer’s mind as he’ll think about it when you’ll approach him twice or three times.

Handle Rejections

You need to remain neutral in this field. No call should affect your spirit because if you’ll lose your energy and motivation, then telemarketing would be of no use because no one wants to talk to boring and disheartened people. Your enthusiasm about the product and business should be heard from your voice on the calls and you need to realise that cold calls never go 100% well. You may face 80% rejection and 20% success. Even in such cases, you have to be optimistic because hope is what leads you to success.

Posted: 23 May 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing, Telemarketing


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