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Why is Appointment Setting important for your Business

Top Tips to Gaining More Meetings When Doing Appointment Setting.

Posted on: 17 December 2019

Appointment setting is mainly based on good market research. It is very important to hire a skilled appointment setting team to get amazing results. It is one of the difficult tasks that the sellers have to face by breaking into accounts and setting appointments and meetings.

To increase your sales and number of appointments, you need to follow the appointment-setting tips:

Make Sure You Research A Company Before You Contact Them

Your research skills need to be polished before landing into telemarketing. A complete bio data is abstracted about the prospects, including their likes, dislikes, interests and disinterests. Their previous experiences in the market should be known before finalizing any kind of deals with them.

Aim Not To Sound Too Much Like A Salesperson

If you’re planning to be too formal with your prospects then you should know that you are going to bore them. It would waste their time as well as yours too. You should minimize how much you sound like a sales person, who is continuously bragging, trying to sell his product. It will ultimately cause your prospect customers to hang up.

Appointment setting is done on the phone, hence it is very important to use good choice of words. Instead of using “Hello Mr. XYZ”, you can begin the call casually by saying “Hey XYZ”. It sounds less robotic and friendlier. It helps in catching their attention, and they get equally engrossed in the call.

End your call on a good note so that you can make frequent follow up calls without hesitating.

Make Sure You Know Who Your Target Audience Is

You should focus on your target audience. A wrong audience may cause you a big loss. You should try to save as much time and money as possible. Targeting the wrong audience may not give you any leads because what you are offering them won’t be of any use to them.

Don’t Be Aggressive Over The Phone

Try to be as calm and composed on the call as possible. Your tone of talking matters a lot. Your nature is evident in your voice. If you’ll talk sweetly with your client, you get more chances to develop a good trust level with them that gradually leads them to generate more leads of good quality.

Ask Good Inquiring Sales Questions        

One of the very well-known qualities of a sales person is that he asks a lot of inquiring questions. It is important to ask good questions to your prospects while on the call with them. It helps in gathering useful information about them by themselves. It also leads to a more engaged and an interactive conversation.

Confirm That The Prospect Is Available For The Call.

It is very essential to ask the potential customer if he is free to talk when you call them. If he is available, then only you should precede the call. Otherwise, ask them about their free time and call them at that hour.

Posted: 17 December 2019 | Appointment Setting, Blog, Telemarketing


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