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Success of a Telemarketing

How to use Telemarketing for B2B.

Posted on: 6 November 2017

Different marketing tactics should be used for B2C and B2B, and there is no perfect science behind generating leads – that’s what makes it so interesting! Different methods work for different industries and demographics, but one thing most marketers agree on is that B2B telemarketing is still effective.

Telemarketing can play a vital role in an overall B2B marketing strategy, but it has to be approached differently to B2C campaigns. For example, in many cases you would have already had some sort of direct contact, online or in person, with someone in the company you are approaching. This can help you get to the top decision makers and increase sales through a trusted contact.

This is how we use telemarketing in B2B campaigns.

Start a dialogue

Telemarketing is a powerful tool in a digital age, because many people long for this type of personable, direct contact – a friendly voice on the other end. Businesses can use telemarketing to build relationships with new clients or potential clients, and offer their services when they are needed. Starting a dialogue and establishing a business relationship is very important in B2B, and this can’t really be achieved through digital marketing channels in the same way as B2C can rely on it.

Foster existing relationships

When marketing to businesses, you will usually have an ongoing relationship with a lead or potential customer before making a conversion. This mean relationships need to be nurtured over a period of time, and you need to make contact regularly to keep fresh in their minds. You can also foster the relationships you have with your existing clients to upsell or inform them of new product lines.

Dissolve worthless relationships

Speaking to someone on the telephone can give you a good insight into whether they have any interest or need for your services. There is no point wasting time on cold leads, so telemarketing is also cost effective because it can be used to eliminate any relationships which won’t travel further down the sales funnel. After all, there is no reason to waste time and resources on a contact who has made it clear they are not interested.

Product explanations

Telemarketing is a great tool for companies which sell complex software or products, because it gives them a chance to explain the features and answer any questions the prospective client may have. Even if you have demonstration videos on your website or product guides available in print or digital format, it is much easier to have a conversation with a real person who understands the brand and product.

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Posted: 6 November 2017 | Blog, Telemarketing


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