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Vocal gymnastics for telemarketers

By 22nd August 2016B2B, Blog, Inhouse, Telemarketing

We all have days where we get tongue tired and simply cannot get the words out but if you are a telemarketer your vocal performance can enhance your chances of getting positive results. We present ourselves through the way that we speak so it makes sense to me that all telemarketers learn to treat their voices like an instrument.

1. Articulation

As a former speech and drama teacher I can’t stress the benefit of a vocal warm up enough to people who spend the whole day using their voice. Without getting too technical, our ability to make clear sounds is controlled by a number of muscles in our chest and face. No athlete would consider training without warming up their muscles first and speaking all day should not be any different. Spending a few minutes warming up the muscles in your face and tongue will help you form your words clearly, avoid mumbling and getting tongue tired.

2. Intonation

There is nothing more off putting to a prospect than hearing someone read off a script like a robot. Remember the three P’s; pitch, pace and pause. If you alter these while speaking you will sound more natural. It is also important that you don’t over rehearse your call approach, change it up, highlight important points to mention but try to do this organically through questions and answers.

3. Conversation

Bear in mind you are one human being speaking to another human being, regardless of their rank or position in the company. If you sound confident they will have confidence in you and be more likely to engage in a meaningful conversation. Try to avoid conversation spacers such as “um”, “ah”, “like”, “you know”, “kind of” this will make you sound hesitant and cagy as if you are avoiding something and again this will lead to a loss of trust. Take the time to listen and respond to your prospect, empathise with them if they speak about a negative experience and remember enthusiasm is infectious.