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What happens in a briefing meeting with my new telemarketing partner?.

Posted on: 4 February 2016

The briefing meeting is normally the second or third meeting between your new telemarketing partner and key figures from your company who need to be involved with communicating and working alongside the telemarketers.

One of the key success factors of a telemarketing campaign is the engagement of the sales team/ person within the company. Recently, I had the largest briefing meeting with 7 team members involved. This was fantastic; engaging all members who will actively be involved with the telemarketers allows alignment of strategy, vision, methods and targets. This deals with any uncertainties or questions from the start rather than causing doubt further down the line.

Below, I have outlined the steps my telemarketing company takes when it comes to the briefing meeting. It is important to note that not all telemarketing companies will work this way and what I have described below is a very broad overview.

  1. Gathering as much information as possible about your company.

Your telemarketing partner will want to know details of the products/services, key selling points, discovering who your competitors are and also specific industry terms which telemarketers may not be familiar with. Remember that your telemarketers need to understand your offering to find an opportunity; the technical sales information can be filled in by you when you meet with the prospect.

  1. Setting campaign objectives and targets

Think about your campaign objectives.  What makes a great prospect for you, and how can the telemarketing partner ask questions to find companies that satisfy this criteria.  Are the results that you want leads, appointments, follow-up calls or attendees at an event.  What information would you like recorded as the campaign progresses – would you like email addresses or LinkedIn profiles captured for key decision makers.

  1. What are your sales processes and targets?

Telemarketing is something which needs to be aligned with a sales strategy to build a solid pipeline of work. By establishing your sales processes and targets, your telemarketing partner will be able to slot into the sales process and work alongside your sales/business development team to drive growth.

  1. Call Approach

What are the main points that the telemarketer needs to get across on the phone? Do you have any accreditations, specialisms or experience with well known names in the industy that will make the prospect’s ear’s prick up?

  1. Data targeting

The most important question to ask here is what and where is your target market? You also need to discuss whether you are planning on using a data list you currently have or if you need your telemarketing partner to purchase data on your behalf. Either way, make sure you inform the telemarketers of data criteria – what industries are the companies in? Do they have a particular location?

  1. How about some communication?

It’s not just about talking to your prospects on the phone, it’s also about talking to you. Your telemarketing partner will need to establish a main point of contact to communicate with as well as other contacts at your business in case they have questions and the main contact is unavailable.

Discuss reporting and any specific details which will assist with figuring ROI at the briefing meeting. Reports are vital to track the success of a campaign so make sure you are happy with how the telemarketers lay out the report.

  1. What next?

After the briefing meeting draws to a close it is the job of the Account Manager to pull the strings together and write up the handbook for you. This handbook is like the telemarketers bible and holds all processes, objectives, targets and contact details. It’s all approved with you, the client to ensure maximum happiness and success of the campaign.

Posted: 4 February 2016 | B2B, Blog, Lead Generation, Outsourcing, Telemarketing


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