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What is a lead?.

Posted on: 18 January 2016

Leads are different for every company. For some it may be an appointment but for others it may be the attendance of a delegate to an event. Some companies may also class a lead as an opportunity for a call back or further discussions. It is up to you as a business to specific what the criteria is for a great lead.

The classification of ‘leads’

I can’t stress enough that the classification of a lead needs to be discussed in depth with your outsourced telemarketing partner or in-house team to distinguish the key factors. We have had many clients who have used telemarketing in the past and their main worry is the company will not classify the leads appropriately. Your criteria might be as simple as:

How can I classify my leads?

A step you can do to assist your telemarketer is to make an in-depth list of your current clients and their distinguishing factors. Information like this can be factored into the call approach which is invaluable for a campaign to run smoothly and efficiently.

Some companies offer data profiling services where they contact data on your list and classify it before any introductions begin. This can be a worthwhile course to take if your classification is very specific.

Posted: 18 January 2016 | B2B, Blog, Outsourcing


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