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How to use telemarketing to generate meetings?

What is so good about Telemarketing?.

Posted on: 7 April 2019

A marketing strategy is always key to planning and facilitating growth within a business. When creating and managing your marketing strategy, it’s important to consider channels that will get the best results with the highest return of investments. Implementing telemarketing to your marketing strategy will benefit your business and marketing overall.

Telemarketing is the process of calling potential customers and clients to see who has interest in your business or product/service. While not everyone will have an interest in your business telemarketing can assure that you reach out to plenty of potential customers on a more constant basis.

Another key factor of telemarketing is the control you have over it in your business even if it out sourced to a telemarketing company. The control you have spans from the range of which the calls are made (e.g. local, national, etc.) to the amount of calls made. You also control what’s being asked whether that’s a questionnaire about your business or for consumer interest, with successful calls being turned into useful information for your business.

Telemarketing has so much freedom and is easy on a business as you are able to set it up to fit your business. This is because you are able to set it up in your business or source it to one of thousands of telemarketing firms across the UK making telemarketing easily accessible to every business. In the long term telemarketing will bring a high return of investment to your business with every person called having a chance you need your product or service at some point in the future.

Telemarketing can help your business in many ways whether that’s business to business or business to consumer telemarketing. It is one of the best forms of marketing currently with the impact it will have on your customers and business in the long term; telemarketing is worth every penny spent on it.

The biggest benefit of telemarketing is the leads generated exclusively for you. All of our clients receive leads that are generated for them and only them. We also don’t sell leads to other companies; it drastically reduces your conversion rates and sacrifices quality.
Overall, telemarketing sees more success due to this human to human communication because of many factors these include; the fact that questions and queries can be answer down the phone. It also gives the feel of a face to face conversation without the long journeys to every potential customer. This will spread knowledge of your business all over the place.

The introduction of telemarketing to your business will build brand awareness as it will bring new and existing customers into one place. This allows you to communicate with more customers directly in a shorter time this is because telemarketing involves calling customers gaining a much faster response which will either result in a yes, no or maybe. These can then be recorded before moving onto another call.

Creating an awareness of your business is one of the most important goals within marketing, simply because it allows people to know you’re there, which is the first step to selling. Building brand awareness also creates a long-term sales cycle; this means that while some customers will not be interested in your business at this time there will be a time eventually and your business will be the first they contact when they need your product or service.

Ultimately, telemarketing is the most direct and personal way to engage with potential customers and clients from a successful marketing stand point, it is one of the best marketing choices out there in the modern market

Posted: 7 April 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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