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What is the Best Strategy to Following Up When Doing Telemarketing?.

Posted on: 10 July 2019

Telemarketing requires continuous approaching and interesting campaigns to spread awareness about a brand.

Telemarketing companies make calls to potential clients and book appointments with them. To hold on to these clients and spread kind words about your own hospitality, it is important to have a follow up strategy.

This not only presents you in a good light, but also makes it easy for you to stay connected with your previous clients and customers. When you have a good relationship with your old customers, you don’t have to repeat the cold calling and convincing part with them. They know you well to trust you and listen to your new ideas and business-related talks.

Following up also allows the telemarketer to initiate a healthy relationship with the lead. Having a good strategy to catch up with your former clients is important so that you don’t look too clingy. It also makes sure that you are not wasting time on irrelevant leads. Below are some follow-up strategies to help you maintain a good rapport with your customers.

Make sure you have a plan of what you are going to say

A plan is very important when making a follow-up call so that you don’t end up talking about unnecessary stuff and forget about points that are important to discuss.

A script should be made with a list of points that need to be discussed in the entire call. The conversation should sound natural and not robotic. Make sure to cover all the points that are important.

Be persistent, but don’t pester because they are less likely to listen to what you have to say

It is very important to maintain your calm and composure to deal with a conversation with a customer. If they don’t want to continue with the follow-up, then don’t force them to do so. Try to have a happy end to your conversation. Don’t provoke them to hang up the call in between your conversation. Try to have a better closure with good regards.

Schedule a follow-up, so the person knows to expect it

Make sure to inform the customer before ending your call that you’ll keep calling them time to time for following up and ask them if they have any issue with the product or service, or want something new. Try to convince them if they have and also ask them about their suitable timings. It can be beneficial next time because the customer would be free at his suggested time and he’d be expecting your call, so there would be very fewer chances of rejection.

Add value to the communication

Professionalism is indeed very important, but value can be added to your communication by having a bit of personal contact with the customer. Rather than cold calls, you can shift to text messages or emails for the follow-up process. You can show them how grateful you are to talk to them. This definitely contributes to the upgrading of sales.


Posted: 10 July 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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