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What is the difference between telemarketing and Telesales

What is the Difference Between Telemarketing and Tele Sales.

Posted on: 5 June 2019

Telemarketing and telesales are often considered to be the same when they are not.

These two terms have distinguished meanings, but are confused to be the same.

Telesales has been the only method of selling products for ages. It was in the ’80s when housewives’ brought in the telemarketing business goals that have been accomplished and reached to heights today.

Telesales is a direct method of selling your product to the customer and it involves contacting them directly to advertise your services and products available. Whereas telemarketing is a totally different approach as it involves various steps.

Telemarketing requires market research to search customers who would be interested in your products, and then you have to increase engagement with them along with day to day follow ups. You have to gather information about the client’s like and dislikes, interests, preferences, etc. All of this information is required to achieve a target customer or client to generate sales. It requires opportunities and often opportunities are created to generate sales and all this is done through finding leads by a telephone.

Telemarketing can be further defined as a lead generation mechanism that works by spreading brand awareness all around. Do you know how a telemarketing call is made? Below are a few pointers that will you develop an idea about it.

A phone call is made to the potential target customer and you try to develop their interest in your brand or product by discussing your budget, time, etc.

If you get a positive response and the customer seems to be interested in what you offer, he/she will provide you a better means of communication such as their personal email.

Then you’ll book an appointment with them to discuss further and move onto the next step.

On the contrary, telesales focus on the sales approach.  You don’t have to invest your time in researching and engaging, you just directly sell your product to the customer on the phone call. Where telemarketing put forwards opportunities for both parties to gain information about each other, telesales transforms these opportunities into business for your organisation or company.

A telesales phone call is followed by qualifying the target if they ask more about your services, you forward them that information, and follow up is also taken on the time suggested by the customer. At the end, rather than booking an appointment for your company, you close the deal with this lead at that point.

Telemarketing works on the satisfaction of a customer and looks out for amazing leads for your telesales team. It provides a platform that gives you reliable data that also works well with your telesales team.

On the other hand, telesales converts your leads into sales by using the already present customer data. It also works by decreasing the cost per sale.

Telemarketing and telesales both can be united by a single company to save budget and make more revenue by using good strategies

Posted: 5 June 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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