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What makes a great telemarketer?.

Posted on: 12 September 2016

1. A great telemarketer has in his or her head before starting the call the main aims of their company and the qualification criteria needed to achieve a great result.

a. Who do you wish to speak to? (MD, FD, Facilities Manager etc)

b. Can they make decisions or are they an influencer?

c. Is what you do relevant to their business?

2. Get the Receptionist to help you if you need more information.  Don’t view the Receptionist or Switchboard Operator as a Gatekeeper – make them your friend.  I find that if you appeal to their better nature and simply ask them for their help, more often than not they will.  They are only doing their job, just like you.

3. When you get through to the Decision Maker or Influencer always ask if it is a convenient time to speak to them.  They will appreciate the consideration and once they have given you their assent, then you may begin to lay out the reason for calling, in a relaxed manner.

4. The tone of voice of the person you are calling can give you an idea of their personality and what sort of conversation you need to have.  Mirroring is a good technique to achieve empathy, so read their tone and direct the conversation in the appropriate direction. For example;

  1. If it is brief and brusque, keep it professional and to the point. Do not ask them how they are or try and steer the conversation in a personal direction.
  2. If they sound cheery or even ask you how you are, then you can direct the conversation in a more friendly direction and ask them how they are or share a joke.

5. Keep your opening pitch as brief as possible outlining why you wish to speak to them, what your organisation does and what is in it for them and in some cases, how they can help you.

6. Ask open questions and engage them so that they can appreciate that you are interested in their business, not just what’s in it for you. What qualification criteria do you need to cover?  What makes a good meeting? Design your questions to cover these points and know when to politely duck out, if it doesn’t appear relevant.  Neither the prospect nor your sales people want to waste their time going to an unsuitable meeting.

7. LISTEN! A good telemarketer will listen to what is being told to them and make notes as they do so.    A great telemarketer will speak a little and listen a lot.

8. Have some available dates ready for a meeting and suggest one of two of them when requesting a meeting.  It’s a technique that often works better than asking them when they are available.

9. Always check the details

  1. Email address
  2. Direct Line
  3. Address for meetings, is it always the same as the one you have?
  4. Any other information you need to have before a meeting is attended? SatNav details etc.

10. Always write your notes in full with all the relevant information that the person going to the meeting needs to have.  Have a standard form in place to fill in so you know if there is any information missing. Make sure the person going to the meeting has all the information they need.   Either the person attending the meeting or you should confirm the meeting by email with contact details for them to reach you if something comes up to cancel or postpone the meeting.

Posted: 12 September 2016 | Blog


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