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Top skills you need to working in Market Research

What Skills Do You Need To Work In Telemarketing?.

Posted on: 5 December 2019

Telemarketing might seem as an easier job to perform but it also requires some basic skills which telemarketers should master to impress their customers to yield better results.

Telemarketing is widely used for creating opportunities either in market research or appointment setting. It is used to gather information about the customer or the potential customer. We can gather almost all the information regarding a person through it. To make it work, the telemarketers should be skillfull.

The following are some of the basic skills required by telemarketers to become successful in this field.

You Need To Have Good Telephone Skills

90% of the telemarketing depends upon phone calls. Hence, it is extremely important to have good knowledge of different calling software. You need to have the skills to operate that software. You should have the skills to convey your message clearly on a phone call with the correct use of words and tone. Your words should be intriguing enough to grab the attention of a customer.

When we are having a face to face conversation with customers, it is easier to judge or object in between the conversations. On the other hand, on a telephone call, you have no idea about the person’s mood, his expressions or his availability.

You should have all that power to know everything through a phone call that would make you a good telemarketer.

Good Organisation Skills

A telemarketer should have good organization skills. It would make him improve your company and change it according to the current market trends.  Having good organization skills may maintain discipline in your workplace and may lead you to obtain good results before deadlines.

Good Writing Skills

Good writing skills are also very important in telemarketing because the script that you write should be very effective. Your call depends upon the words that come out of your mouth, that are first written in a script. You should first write a good cold calling introduction, then write points that you want to discuss in your call. Also, write about the pauses in which you’ll let the client show his concerns and later note down the questions that should be asked at the end of the call.

A good writer should develop a decent script that sounds professional yet simple to understand.

Experience Of Working In The Sales Industry

A telemarketer should have good knowledge about the sales industry, then only he can develop the interest of your customer in the products sold by your company.

You Should Have The Problem-Solving Ability

In this field, you or your staff may come across several problems or a customer on the call can ask you a question that might cause you a problem. In all such cases even if you have no solution to that problem, you must know how to handle that situation.

A problem solver is needed everywhere, rather it is a home, a friends circle or a workplace. If you have this ability in you, it can cause wonders for you.

Posted: 5 December 2019 | Blog, Market Research, Telemarketing


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