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Success of a Telemarketing

Why do Companies use Telemarketing?.

Posted on: 2 May 2019

Telemarketing plays a very important role in increasing the sales of any company or business.

It is a very vast field full of risks of rejection and success. A proper guide should be given to telemarketers beforehand to become successful in this field. There are different factors that influence companies to opt for telemarketing.

Following are the reasons why companies use telemarketing:

Gain new clients

Telemarketing is of two different types – in-house and out-house. Both are equally important and play an important role in gaining clients and customers. B2B (Business to Business) Telemarketing attracts different businesses and puts forward an opportunity to collaborate with them. Whereas, B2C (Business to Consumer) Telemarketing attracts public that is interested in the business or product.

Promotes the Company

Along with many other important usages, telemarketing plays an essential role in marketing and the promotion of a company. Cold calling may be put forward in a negative light, but it actually turns out to be helpful for a business as it spreads a word about it all around. A number of people get to know about it and works as an advertisement without spending much.

Immediate Response

Telemarketing lets you be on the front page by connecting you to the customers directly over phone calls 24/7. The phone is a great tool as it lets you connect with your customers. It lets you get immediate answers from them. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months like emails, but phones allow you to have direct and immediate contact with the consumer. It is an entirely different approach of sales and is much more beneficial when compared to newspapers, advertisements, social media marketing or emails.

Builds a successful pipeline

Telemarketing helps us build a successful pipeline by approaching a proper lead and with proper working tricks and tips, a lead can be made a long-term consumer. Once a consumer connects and engages with a telemarketer, it signifies that he has a desire to connect to your service. All you need to do is to make them feel comfortable so they end up buying your product or service.

Increases Visibility

It helps to make more people aware of what the company is doing. This is also due to the marketing and promotional techniques that lead people to have a look at your service and if they are satisfied with it, they will end up becoming a permanent customer.

Helps in gathering information

Telemarketing helps in providing accurate information on what customers are buying or from who they are buying. It is commonly used in surveys. By this method, proper leads are found and approached so that less time and money is wasted. It also leads to proper telemarketing and gives us more effective results as compared to those telemarketers who work without proper research.





Posted: 2 May 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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