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Why is Telemarketing an Important Part of a Company?.

Posted on: 25 June 2019

Telemarketing is often used to build good relations with clients and produce leads.

This type of marketing is done over phone calls to gain the number of sales. It was first started by a group of housewives, who gained good profit staying at home. Later, training was given to expand this type of marketing.

It is often confused with telesales, whereas both these terms may sound similar, but they are totally different. A telemarketing operative has to finalise appointments with the potential clients whereas a telesales operative closes the sale over the phone without any meeting or appointment.

Businesses these days are using every available platform to do marketing of their company, products and services. They use telemarketing, email marketing, advertisements and many other different tools to gain sales and expand their business. Telemarketing is still the most used method out of all of these.

All the above-mentioned methods have their own pros and cons. Telemarketing is an important way of increasing sales of a company due to the number of benefits it offers. It gives instant replies and does not keep customers waiting for answers. We get to guess to mood and interest of a person on call by judging their conversation with us.

Social media and email marketing may be newer ways, but they fail to give instant responses. A company may have left several messages from the past week and the potential customer could have still missed seeing them.

Telemarketing calls are usually considered cold calls and the telemarketing operator may face a number of rejections, but they are still more comfortable and relaxed than any other means of telemarketing. It mostly depends on the telemarketer, that how do he/she approaches the clients and evolves their interest in the company.

Following are some of the factors that explain the importance of telemarketing in a company:

Helps to raise brand awareness

Telemarketing helps your company and gives a hand in expanding its name all around. Building permanent customers may spread good words about it as they will review it over its good quality. This creates awareness about the products and services you provide.

It all depends on increasing your PR and public value.

Help to Market your goods or services

Telemarketing plays a very important role in the sales of the goods and services that your company provides. This way it increases its market value and customers.

Gives you a chance to follow up

If you don’t want to give up on a regular client, you have an option of following up. Though, it is suggested to make them aware about it in your last call so that they should be prepared next time. Following up on a client or a regular customer lets you stay updated to every recent thing that goes around. The last call should be ended on a happy note with a formal good-bye so that you can call them next time whenever you are in search of a customer.

Posted: 25 June 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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