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Will an outsourced lead generation company know enough about you?.

Posted on: 15 February 2016

Over the years, the main concern I’ve heard from companies looking to outsource their lead generation and telemarketing is “how will an outside company be able to understand enough about us and speak to our prospects sensibly when they’re not experts on what we do?”

This is an understandable concern but I believe the following five points should allay this.

1. Proven methodologies

Many lead generation companies will have proven methodologies, particularly around briefing and set up, that allow them to gain the understanding and knowledge they need to come across as credible ambassadors for your company on the phone.

2. Close communication

At the start of most campaigns, there will be questions your lead generation partner will get asked on the phone that they don’t know. By staying in close contact with you, they can run these by you and add them to their training materials for you.

3. Calibre of our team

This point may specifically be for my company! I have found that employing high calibre telemarketers who are able to absorb often complex information about clients quickly and speak intelligently to prospects about this works wonders for a lead generation campaign.

4. Questioning not hard selling

The point of a call isn’t to show off everything a telemarketer knows about their clients to the people they speak to. The objective is to ask them questions to qualify if they are a relevant prospect for you. The key is gaining a genuine understanding of what makes a qualified opportunity to you so they can ask the appropriate questions.

5. The sales person’s curse

One of the issues sales people have when making their own calls is that, because they know so much about their company, they go into too much detail on the phone. The prospect then declines a meeting because they feel they have been given all the information they need. Your telemarketing partners aim is to know enough to act credibly for you on the phone and properly qualify opportunities, but not to say too much and negate the need for a meeting with your sales expert in the eyes of the prospect.

Posted: 15 February 2016 | B2B, Blog, Lead Generation, Outsourcing


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