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Words Matter (Especially in Telemarketing).

Posted on: 13 April 2019

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But Words Can Never Hurt Me.

That isn’t really true and we all know it. Words are incredibly powerful (especially in telemarketing); they can alter how we see things and how we feel about things. There have always been school yard bullies who taunted their victims with an often repeated word or phrase, but equally words can be used by Diplomats and national leaders to make speeches to deliver national messages and conjure the phraseology from thin air to diffuse a political hiatus.  These phrases and words cause great changes across nations and win plaudits or opprobrium from the national press depending on content and political standpoint. While the bully uses words for the wrong reasons, they are tapping into a power that the great orators have always acknowledged and used as their tool when crafting a speech. That power is not exactly in the word itself but how the listener uses that word to make inferences from what is being said to them. You could call this a filter that we use to gain meaning from context.

We apply different filters to conversations whether we are at play, in the home, or in our place of business.  Each of these filters are quite basic in that they look for motivation behind the words we hear. From the initial identification of this is a sales call to deciding to book a meeting with a potential supplier we are continually evaluating the conversations that we have. Often there is a single word that turns what a listener infers from a whole conversation from a negative to a positive. It may only be a subtle change but to our clients it elevates a marketing campaign to a successful sales strategy with a good Return on Investment that becomes a long term part of the marketing mix.

Telemarketers know how one word can have an impact beyond its meaning, we’ve known about it for years. However, it is only recently that we have been able to analyse when a change of a word makes a small incremental difference. We can now track each call and their outcomes thanks to improved technology that most outsourced outbound telemarketing companies will have deployed. A formula one team collects and analyses vast amounts of data to find how each change they make to the car can allow them to gain tiny incremental improvements in lap times.  I would not pretend we are at that level but we are now using the marketing data to not just make calls but also to analyse the performance of a campaign and the impact that changes of words and positioning of a product or service has on outcomes. We can also use the data we collect to improve the quality of results that we deliver. Even better qualified leads and more of them because we take the time to analyse how we perform.

The impact changing one word can make to a Lead Generation Campaign.

We recently had a client who commissioned a telemarketing campaign, they provided a service that most companies do not take advantage of. We found that the companies themselves think of this service as falling across different departments. They also feel that it should be provided by an incumbent professional services provider. Those incumbent providers often do not have this service as part of their offering.

We contacted these incumbents and explained what we were offering and after 500 telemarketing calls we set up a meeting. Things got a little better we got the average down to 250 telemarketing calls per result. Then we added one word to the opening. We added “only” we moved from saying “we provide this service” to saying “we only provide this service.” This saw an improvement to 124 telemarketing calls per meeting. This meant we could reliably set up one meeting a day for our client.

What did “only” change?

The service we offer is often associated with the incumbent’s overall profession. However, our client only offers this particular service. They do not do any of the traditional services offered by the incumbent’s profession. When we spoke to the Incumbents senior partner about working with them to provide this service to their clients they heard ‘We are a competitor that wants to appear to be offering help but that ultimately we will steal your client.’

Only changed that to sounding like ‘Here is an expert service provider that can strengthen my firm’s relationship with our clients and widen our client base enabling us to grow and collect more fees.’

If you want to see what one or two words can do for you why not get in touch about a telemarketing campaign that generates leads and sets appointments for your sales team to engage with new sales opportunities and new clients today?

Posted: 13 April 2019 | Blog, Telemarketing


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