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Why writing a robust market research brief is important.

Posted on: 3 February 2015

Why writing a robust market research brief is important

Writing a robust market research brief is important whether you outsource the research that you do, or manage it yourselves.  It can help you to

The brief is all about thinking through what you need the research to tell you.

The research brief is the document in which you describe the business problem to be researched and its wider context, and what the research problem is that needs to be solved.  It’s always good to imagine outsourcing your research, as this makes you go through the motions of preparing the brief as if someone else is going to respond to it with a research proposal.

The quality and usefulness of the research you get will be influenced by the quality of the brief.  If the research problem is not clearly defined in the brief, and if you are not clear about what type of information you need to answer your business problem, then your research agency will find it hard to plan effective research.

If you are considering outsourcing a market research project, but not sure how to put together a market research brief, please call us for some free and friendly advice.

Beth Walthew, Director, Prospect Research

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Posted: 3 February 2015 | Blog, Market Research


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