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Taking to the phones as usual (but for a slightly different reason).

Posted on: 16 October 2015

Taking to the phones as usual (but for a slightly different reason)

Prospect Research recently participated in STAR Radio’s ‘War of the Workplace’. Every day for a week, a fearless member of our team took to the phone, but this time to speak to Lottie, the presenter at Star Radio. The aim of the game was to answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds to beat the combined record of 36.

Day one saw Fiona take the leap and throw herself into the game. She had a couple of particularly tricky questions with some throwing up dispute amongst us all! Fiona discovered that a sparrow is in fact not the international bird of happiness, apparently it is a bluebird! However, for the first day she did incredibly well and scored a grand total of 5.

Day two, Mark equaled Fiona’s score of 5 with another set of varied questions. On the third day, Martin had his chance to prove himself and he certainly gave it his best shot! He answered 8 questions correctly in the 60 seconds. However, he is unable to understand the fact that tea has more caffeine in than coffee, we will never hear the end of it!

James is somewhat of a film buff so we hoped for as many film questions as possible! However, things didn’t go quite to plan and he managed to answer 2 questions correctly.

And finally, on day 5 with an almost impossible task of answering 16 questions in 60 seconds to beat the all time record of 36, Natalie stepped up to the plate. Surprisingly, she managed to answer 9 questions. This took our total up to a commendable 29 points.

We had a great time participating in this feature and feel that we have had an early practice run for our annual charity quiz in aid of EACH.

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Posted: 16 October 2015 | Blog, Company


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