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Personal Leadership

The Challenge of Personal Leadership – Company Development Session.

Posted on: 4 July 2017

Last week we were lucky enough to take part in a training session on personal leadership delivered by the inspirational Sue Liburd MBE, Managing Director of Sage Blue.  The session was fantastic, we all left feeling energised and motivated to find out how much we could achieve through a greater focus on collaboration. She reinforced the idea that leadership is not just something that managers or directors need to think about; we are all leaders and therefore self-leadership in terms of your attitude and behaviour, really makes a difference to the performance of your team. If you want to improve your self-leadership skills you can start with three simple steps.

Pay attention, stay open and be curious

Long held beliefs and preconceptions, if left unquestioned, can damage our ability to stay open and curious. If we arrive to a meeting or engage in a conversation believing that we already know roughly what will happen, we could miss crucial details. Many people don’t realise that the brain tends to use energy saving techniques as a survival mechanism and will fill in gaps or block out details unless we are actively paying attention and engaged in the moment. Therefore, we need to make a conscious effort to pay attention, remain curious by asking questions and try to stay present in the moment.

We are stronger together

You never know where the next break through idea will come from. Bright ideas are not reserved for those in senior positions, so remain open to collaboration between all team members, across all departments as an effective way to break through challenges. As humans, we are habit driven and can get stuck in a rhythm where we rely on what we think we know instead of unlocking the things we are unaware we don’t know from those around us. If you listen without assumptions or judgement you may unlock the next big idea.

Assumptions can shape or imprison us

Making assumptions about others and ourselves can be harmful or helpful depending on the labels we choose to use. Labelling yourself as a collaborative problem solver will likely have a positive impact on the way you work with others in your organisation. The challenge is to know yourself and be flexible enough to try something different when you are facing difficulties. Sue left us with one final thought to consider on our path to becoming exceptional personal leaders:


Written by Janine Hornsby, Account Executive here at Prospect Research. We realise our staff are our biggest asset so provide development opportunities that enable everyone to reach their potential.


Posted: 4 July 2017 | Blog, Events, Team news


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