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Events need lots of people.

Event Populating.

Posted on: 6 July 2022

Events create an atmosphere that is conducive to delegates wanting to engage further. Good speakers, interesting topics and a full room contribute to create that buzz. The full room effect is very noticeable and why Event Populating is such a key activity to ensure a successful event.

Events thrive when people with similar interests engage with one another and the holders of the event on equal terms. When designing the event consider who you want to attend. These are the people you want to meet with. Anticipate how many are likely to attend by considering the location of your event and the timing. Do not be tempted to fill the event with anybody who will attend. If you cannot get enough delegates to sign up then consider a smaller room or engaging a company that specialises in Event Populating.

Event Populating methods to consider are Social Media, Email, Telephone Calls. The more specific your target audience, the more specific your method should be. Social Media and digital media consumed by your target market will attract a good percentage of your target audience.

If you have the email of the person you want to invite then an email campaign can be effective providing the target audience has a high local abundance.

Event populating through phone calls has the feeling of a personal invitation. Especially if the caller is able to add why they should attend in a manner that makes them feel that they will miss out on an opportunity. This technique develops with practice. Each Event is unique we create a specific approach for each event and we carry out internal training until we feel confident it will work

Ensuring a commitment to attend is not straightforward. Part of our strategy is to issue tickets by using Eventbrite. A follow up call or confidence call the day before the event to check on any dietary requirements or to answer any questions also helps to firm up attendance. Remember you will lose 10% of the delegates that say they will attend the Event. Consequently have about 10% more delegates signed up for your event than the optimum number.

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