Prospect Research

Professional Services.

Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting for the Professional Services Sector.

Prospect Research has partnered with more than 200 professional services clients, in diverse sectors such as Accountancy, Legal Practices, Architectural Innovators, Media and Publishing Platforms, in addition to Arbitration Services, Management Consultancies, Land & Estate Agents, Marketing Agencies, Outsourced Solution Providers and the Public Sector.

Great outsourced telemarketers, are masters of business matchmaking, developing strong personal relationships for third parties. Telemarketing in a GDPR-compliant age needs to be undertaken by exemplary staff. We work closely with clients to define their offering and capture market insight from our activity to help further understand the markets targeted. Our mission is to uncover the source of any painful pinch-points in the organisation and to introduce the solution you offer.

Our Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting campaigns are managed by experienced telemarketing professionals who understand that we are targeted and have our success measured, on having criteria-led business conversations with decision makers (usually the budget holder) often at Partner, Board Director or Chief Executive level. Such people are demanding of respect and clarity of the message we’re entrusted to deliver. It is essentially that we act as credible ambassadors for your business, delivering a clear message and reflecting the tone of voice your organisation uses.

Your motivation and business objectives are always going to be focused on the need for growth, profitability and a steady stream of quality leads for sales to convert, which reduces efforts squandered chasing cold leads. Your sales function will always be responsible for converting leads to an actual sale, with a transition that is as seamless as possible. We can support you in making your sales more efficient and focused, so you are using your time to close those opportunities that will deliver tangible ROI.

We deliver evidence-based, qualified appointments and pipeline opportunities, which have clearly established the business argument, gained the delivery-team endorsement, qualified the budget is in place and timescale. Our clients need to have confidence in the opportunities we generate, so we deliver a call recording, summary lead sheet, appointment confirmation and transparent reporting with every result we generate.
Further project offerings have undertaken included data cleansing and consent opt-in engagement, event and webinar population, Public Consultations and Market Research projects.

Campaign Mapping Tool.

  • Senior Customer Service Executive

    Enterprise Growth Solutions Ltd

    We've worked with Prospect Research for a several years on a number of different agreements. They're very attentive and on the ball. They'll raise issues rather than sitting on them. They're very open with us when we're working on a project. It's very much a two way relationship. It's a very good relationship I have with them.

  • Director of Executive Education

    Cardiff University

    We have been tremendously impressed by how quickly you were able to appreciate our academic offering and how effectively you have been able to communicate this to potential clients. Feedback throughout the duration of our engagement has been excellent and we have been delighted with the connections that you have been able to develop for us

  • Communications Manager

    Hertfordshire LEP

    We initially commissioned the telemarketing services of Prospect for a one-off event. It then became apparent that our database required wholesale cleansing, a job that was simply too big for us to take on. Being able to outsource this vital but time-consuming work to Prospect has added huge value to our business engagement activities and enabled us to concentrate on other core projects knowing it was in safe hands. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, especially Connor Dunn who went the ‘extra mile’ on countless occasions to meet all our requirements. We highly recommend them.

  • Workforce Manager

    Oxford Brookes University

    Beth is methodical, very helpful, with excellent communication skills, and takes a truly detailed and insightful interest in our area of service requirement. Other departments have also hired her and we would definitely do so again. I was very happy with the market analysis report she provided. It was of a high standard, detailed and provided useful insights and information.

  • UK Sales Manager


    We are extremely pleased with the service you are providing to Aventics Ltd, the whole team are truly professional in the work both in dealing with external calls to our potential customers and with the reporting back you do to us on the calls made, I would have no issue in recommending you and your services.

  • Managing Director

    KII Software

    You handled the campaign with a high degree of professionalism and provided good feedback throughout. It has helped us shape our marketing efforts in the future and if we have a need to use your services again we would do so

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