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A 10-Step Guide to Outsourcing your Telemarketing.

Posted on: 8 June 2018

Are you considering outsourced telemarketing services? Not many companies have the resources to deliver an ongoing successful telemarketing campaign, which is why outsourcing is often the answer. We’ve been working with businesses small and large for 15 years, across a huge variety of sectors, so we understand the various needs and requirements you may have and can provide tailored advice to get the most out of your campaign. Read on to discover our simple 10 step guide to outsourcing your telemarketing campaign.

1. Is telemarketing right for you?

Telemarketing is certainly not right for every business so spend some time working out whether it is appropriate for your market, the product you are trying to sell, or for your company’s structure. You will learn a lot about any telemarketing company you plan to work with by asking them their thoughts on this. It’s not a one-size-fits-all perfect marketing strategy, and any outsourcing telemarketing company which tells you it is will simply be looking for personal profits rather than results for your business.

2. Integration into your sales process

Telemarketing is at its most effective when used in conjunction with your other marketing strategies. You can use information recorded from telemarketing to segment and target your other direct marketing campaigns. These responses can be used to inform your overall marketing strategy, so it’s important to understand that telemarketing isn’t just about sales.

3. Planning your telemarketing campaign

Clearly define your objectives before kicking off an outsourced telemarketing campaign. The main objective will generally be an appointment or follow up call. It is good to also think of secondary objectives such as gathering contact names and emails to use for direct marketing. Look to gain something from every call, even if it is information rather than a warm lead or appointment.

4. Selecting a telemarketing partner

You should look for two essentials in an outsourced telemarketing service. Firstly, you should be confident that they understand your product/service, your sales objectives and processes, and your expected targets. Secondly, you should trust that they will act as credible and professional ambassadors for your company. Compliance is vital and you want to make sure any telemarketing partner is representing your business in the best way possible.

5. Effective briefing

At the briefing meeting with your telemarketing partner, clarify all the details of your campaign. For example: the initial target market, the criteria of a lead, short and long term targets, reporting, and how they can be kept updated with the availability of your sales team. Communication between the outsourced telesales team and your in-house sales team is critical to ensure leads don’t slip through the sales funnel.

6. Running an effective trial

Running a trial helps ensure that your telemarketing partner is right for you, and that outsourced telesales is the right way to go for your company and product. Always ensure close communication during the trial to deal with any issues or questions promptly. All good telemarketing partners will suggest a trial before asking you to commit to a long term campaign.

7. Setting targets

Agree targets that the telemarketing company is confident to work to, and work with them if results are not coming through. You will need to work out how many sales you need from the activity and within what time frame to set these clear targets and objectives.

8. Recording results

Whether your telemarketing partner uses their own CRM system, or has remote access to yours, always ensure that there are a clear set of labels so you can see the progress of your sales pipeline. If you need your contacts for other marketing, ensure that there is a way of exporting data from your telemarketing partner’s CRM, so you can use up to date data. If you are not happy with the results then speak to the outsourcing telemarketing companies to change the approach.

9. Feedback from your telemarketing company

Ensure you receive full detailed notes for leads and regular reports on progress. Call recordings are useful to evidence the work that your telemarketing partner has done, and to refine their approach when marketing your company. Positive and negative feedback is useful to obtain and inform your marketing strategy and can even be utilised across the business.

10. Engage your sales team

Make sure your sales team buys into the concept of lead generation and telemarketing to ensure the greatest effectiveness when they follow up the leads or attend appointments. A great way to get them involved is to encourage them to meet and get to know the outsourced telemarketing company. Feedback about how sales further progress will help your telemarketing partner in future campaigns, so share experiences on both sides.

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Posted: 8 June 2018 | Knowledge, knowledge bank


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