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What is The Difference Between Telesales & Telemarketing?.

Posted on: 7 July 2018

Telesales and telemarketing campaigns…what is actually the difference? Many people don’t know, or don’t understand the main distinctions between the two. They both involve calling people but that is one of the only similarities! Telesales is purely a sales tactic where as telemarketing can be used in a plethora of ways to increase interest in your business and contribute to business growth.

If you’ve never undertaken any type of telephone sales or marketing before, it can all be a bit confusing. The experts at Prospect Research have put together this comprehensive guide to explain the difference between telesales and telemarketing, and help you choose the best campaign for your business.

Telesales VS Telemarketing

What is Telesales?

In a nutshell, telesales involves directly selling your products or services to customers over the telephone. You may have a telesales department which deals with incoming calls, or this may involve cold calling prospective customers to try and get them to convert. Professional and experienced salespeople are needed for this kind of campaign.

What is Telemarketing?

A telemarketing campaign is a more targeted approach which is tailored to the individual business needs. It focuses on lead generation and brand awareness rather than solely sales. Telemarketing can produce further opportunities over the phone, such as setting an appointment or getting the customer to attend an event.

Which one is Best for Me and My Company?

While telesales is usually associated with B2C and telemarketing frequently used for B2B marketing strategies, both forms of communication have their place. It’s not quite as simple as saying one is better than the other.

To establish which systems would work best for your business and provide the greatest ROI, it’s important to identify your needs and objectives. Recognise your audience and what would be most effective to them. Set clear goals and decide what types of staff members and strategies will work in order to achieve them.

Whichever approach you choose, both telesales and telemarketing will be more effective if you adopt a targeted campaign. Telesales is generally a broader approach which uses untargeted cold calling to sell to as many people as possible. Even if you have set demographics or target a particular geographical area, it can be difficult contacting prospects who have no prior relationship to your company. You may wish to use telesales if you have an un-missable special offer or a free gift to send out to those who sign up over the phone, as a sales tactic.

With a mixture of lead generation and telemarketing, you can make sure that every phone number you ring could be a possible conversion. The prospect may have a specific need for your product or service, or already been exposed to the brand in some way – and therefore will more likely be willing to chat over the phone.

If you need short term sales then telesales is probably the best route to go down. If you’re more interested in creating long term business relationships and opportunities, and increasing the reach of your brand and range of services, then we’d advise starting a telemarketing campaign.

It may be useful to have both a telemarketing campaign and a telesales team working in conjunction with one another. Once the telemarketing team have identified a strong lead it could be passed on to the in-house telesales team to close the sale. Telemarketing can drive telesales campaigns if this is what your company requires.

What can Telemarketing Help me Achieve?

The main purpose of telemarketing is to find and nurture leads in an attempt to persuade them to convert in the future. This is how it mainly differs from telesales, where the end goal is to achieve conversion over the phone during the call.

Telemarketing can help you achieve business goals and grow your customer database, and can be used in a multitude of ways depending on your individual objectives. Here are a few examples:

Hiring a telemarketing company can significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend following leads, and improve the effectives of your overall marketing strategy. A team of qualified professionals can advise on the best routes to success and work in partnership with your in-house sales team to deliver optimum results.

Interested in finding out more? Make an enquiry below about our telemarketing services.

Posted: 7 July 2018 | Knowledge, knowledge bank


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