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How do I find the right telemarketing company for my business?

By 6th September 2017Knowledge

A professional outsourced telemarketing team can add immediate value to your B2B marketing campaign. Finding the right one can seem a daunting prospect – there are many UK telemarketing companies out there. How can you ensure that you select the right one?

Understanding what makes a good telemarketing company will equip you with the information you need to make the right decision. Research the market thoroughly. Ask for recommendations from other businesses that have successfully used telemarketing companies. Think carefully about how you intend to use their services and make sure they can meet your needs.

Outlined below are some of the issues that you should consider when selecting your UK telemarketing company.  Good telemarketing can add real value to an effective B2B marketing campaign and the right team will be able to actively contribute to your planning.

A good UK telemarketing company employs senior, well-trained staff. Make sure you meet with the people who will be managing and working on your account so that you can judge for yourself. If they make a good impression on you, chances are they will do the same to your clients.

Meet with those companies who you believe make a good match with your business. Look for their understanding of your objectives. The best companies will ask a lot of questions and want to learn as much as possible about your business so that they can confidently communicate your message as well as any member of your team.

Find out about any previous campaigns they have worked on. Familiarity with your market will give them an insight and an edge. Also, make sure they are confident dealing with key-decision makers and senior personnel – you want them to speak with the same level of authority as you would yourself.

The best telemarketing companies use a call structure, to ensure that the right questions are asked, and the right areas are covered to properly qualify a lead. Ask to listen to callers at work if you want to look into their calling style, to make sure it is appropriate for the markets you are targeting.

Ask about their reporting and recording mechanisms. The way leads or appointments are communicated, what information will be included, and how this will feed into your sales team can give you an insight into how well they will operate as part of your team. A good telemarketing company will also feed back on unsuccessful calls to give an insight into potential improvements.
Perhaps most importantly, make sure you share a common understanding of the role of lead generation and what constitutes a qualified lead. Clarification right from the start will avoid confusion down the line and will ensure your telemarketing company delivers the right leads and appointments straight away.

When it comes to choosing the right company, a careful selection process can save you time and money. Your telemarketing should be managed by a company that fully understands your market, your product/service and your sales objectives. They should act as an extension of your internal sales team, representing your business in a competent and professional manner.

To find out more visit our 10-step guide to outsourcing telemarketing.