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How do I make telemarketing a successful part of my marketing strategy?.

Posted on: 6 September 2017

When developing your marketing strategy, think about how your prospects are best communicated with.   This will probably be a combination of direct marketing methods.  Once this has been established, you are ready to write your marketing strategy.  Most marketers will plan for at least one year, but is always helpful to break it down into months or quarters, depending on how you plan as a company.

Telemarketing as an integral part of your marketing strategy

As with any marketing method, you should make sure that telemarketing is an integral part of your marketing strategy, rather than standing alone.  The best results will be achieved if you find how telemarketing can be supported by the other marketing that you do within your marketing strategy.

For example, the contacts that you contact by phone can come from various sources.  Your telemarketing lists could be made up of purchase data, existing customer data, contacts who open your e-newsletters or download brochures, or perhaps visitors to your website who have spent time looking at your products and services, but have not yet been in contact.

Plan, measure and evaluate

Telemarketing campaigns are most successful when they are properly planned, and you have defined target markets.  In this way, you can decide on a tailored message for that target market that best highlights what you are promoting and mentions your most relevant reference clients.  By doing this within your marketing strategy, you can test telemarketing out against the other marketing methods that you are using, to find out what performs the best and warrants more investment.

Ensure that you measure the ROI from telemarketing so you can see whether the results that you need to achieve through your marketing strategy are being reached. Remember – don’t just measure the leads/appointments that you generated, but also measure your overall sales pipeline achieved by telemarketing too.

By taking these first few steps, you should find that telemarketing can a successful part of your marketing strategy.


Posted: 6 September 2017 | Knowledge, knowledge bank


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