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Telemarketing training: Materials, tips, tricks & advice

Telemarketing can be a very useful tool in expanding business opportunities and increasing sales revenue, however, this is only possible if you have well trained staff up to the challenge. You can outsource telemarketing to companies such as Prospect Research but if you want to keep your telemarketing team “in house” you need to ensure that they are working to the best of their ability. In order for your team to achieve their targets, staff need to be capable and motivated which can be achieved by high quality training.

With bespoke and effective telemarketing training, you can get the best out of your in house team and run successful campaigns that help in building business relationships for the future. Below are some tips, tricks and advice from our telemarketing experts about training your team so that they are motivated and spend their time most effectively.

Clear Call Structure

A good call structure that employees are familiar with and able to utilise effectively is important to any telemarketing team. The call structure acts as a blueprint for the conversations that your team engage in and give clear signposting to ensure that your employees are working towards your campaigns objectives.

With an effective call structure, employees don’t have a set script but are able to follow certain “check points” to enable a conversation to flow rather than seem stilted and overly scripted. A call structure is more effective than a script as it allows greater flexibility while also ensuring that your employees don’t deviate from their objective and keep the call on track.

With a call structure that works for your business, you can then focus on ensuring your employees are adept at using it to get the most from their calls. With Prospect Research’s Training and Consultancy service, a call structure can be developed that works for your team and engages your employees to create successful business relationships and reach their targets.

Product Knowledge

If you are using an in house telemarketing team, the advantage is that they are already part of your business and already have knowledge of the products that you are selling. To get the most of your team, ensure that they are well-versed in what your business does and that they have an extensive amount of knowledge regarding any products so that they can in turn pass on this information to potential customers confidently. By maximising your telemarketing team’s knowledge and training them in what your business sells, you can maximise their lead conversion rates and thus create more long-lasting business relationships.

The Right Language

As well as having a call structure and good product knowledge, your employees need to use the right language and tone when dealing with potential customers.It’s important for your employees to be able to build rapport with people as it may require multiple calls for a lead to be turned into a conversion. Providing your employees with a few tips such as mirroring the language used by the customer and repeating their callers name to give familiarity could make some difference in the success rates of your telemarketing team. Even simple tips such as ensuring employees speak at a measured pace to make sure they are understood clearly may seem obvious but all can be part of training your team.

Art of Listening

It is important for your employees to be trained in using the right language and following the call structure but it is also important for your telesales staff to be trained to listen. As if your employees just continue to talk without allowing any feedback or opportunity for discussion, it may bore the customer on the other end of the phone and make them more likely to hang up the call. Careful listening and asking questions that make it clear that the customer was listened to and understood can all aid to building that all important business relationship. Indeed the best way to demonstrate good listening is to summarise the conversation and repeat certain aspects – it shows your staff are engaged and really listening to the customer and are interested in what they have to say.

Setting Targets and Monitoring Them

A huge part of any telemarketing campagin is targets and hitting them. As part of your team’s training, it is important to make it clear what the team’s and individuals’ targets are in order for these to be met in a timely fashion. Targets need to be attainable so as not to de-motivate your team yet also need to be challenging enough to give something for individuals and the team as a whole to strive for. With Prospect Research’s Training and Consultancy service, you can set appropriate targets that work for your team and put in place the processes for monitoring them to make sure that they are met.

As you can see, training an effective telemarketing team can be a complicated process. That’s why you can contact the experts at Prospect Research to provide training for your in house telemarketing team and get the best from your employees.