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What does a Lead Generation Campaign look like?.

Posted on: 6 June 2017

Prospect Research are experts in delivering Lead Generation and Telemarketing campaigns that deliver real value to organisations and build relationships that lead to long term success. We’re refined the way we structure campaigns to ensure our Clients achieve the best possible results.

Here’s how we approach our campaigns:

1.     Getting to know you

Briefing and training

Meet the sales team

2.     Develop your database of contacts

Profile and target new prospects every quarter using intelligent data techniques

Plus, build and maintain the pipeline of call backs

3.     How we work

Close communication and continuous learning

Innovative techniques and technology

Engaging conversations

Powerful database building

4.     Reporting and insights from our work

Lead Sheets and call recordings

Pipeline and market insight reports

File transfer of contacts for use in your marketing

5.     Review and Planning

Quarterly review and planning for the next 3 month of campaigns

Presentations at your sales meetings

Posted: 6 June 2017 | Knowledge, knowledge bank


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