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What is Appointment Setting?.

Posted on: 12 September 2017

Your sales team know who your best opportunities are and how best to sell your business.  They are your experts, the people you want in front of a prospect.  You don’t want them wasting valuable sales time qualifying prospects, sitting in an office when they could be out building relationships.

Appointment setting is an integral part of a strong telemarketing campaign, the final call to action in a series of conversations and communications.  With a strong appointment setting team behind you, by the time your sales team meets with a prospect,  you know (and they know) that the meeting will be someone that represents a real business opportunity for you.

Fully managed outsourced appointment setting uses a team with a strong understanding of your business to do the time-consuming bit – making the calls, chipping away to speak to the right person, and booking sales appointments straight into your team’s diaries.

Before you embark on telemarketing appointment setting it is important to clarify your objectives:

You and your team set the standard and, as long as you’re clear about what you are looking for, the result is a diary of appointments of the caliber and profile your business needs.

Ultimately your B2B telemarketing strategy is about getting in front of the right people.  Keep your sales team doing what they do best – leave the rest up to an experienced appointment setting team who are committed to finding you the right sales leads to the right people.

Posted: 12 September 2017 | Knowledge, knowledge bank


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