What steps are involved in a Market Research Project?

By 6th June 2017Knowledge

At the start of any Market Research project, we will develop a project plan and timeline to ensure that both parties know when certain elements of the research will happen, and when feedback/approval is needed (for example, for you to approve the final questionnaire for interviews).

The list below shows how a typical research project looks:

  • Briefing meeting with our Market Research Director and Manager (background, objectives, sample size, deliverables)
  • Develop plan and timeline (inc. methodology, communication with our Client and training for the research team)
  • Develop database using existing/brought data, upload to Prospect Research CRM
  • Develop survey questionnaire (telephone/online)
  • Check the plan, timeline, database and questionnaire with the Client
  • Training for the research team
  • Start surveys, with and update to our Client after Day 1 of calline
  • Complete sweepts of the database
  • Continuous quality assurance of interviews and written documentation, with 2 in every 5 interviews checked
  • Regular updates with your Account Manager to discuss progress
  • Analyse data and identify key trends
  • Final report (with executive summary if needed) with all findings, evidence-based conclusions and relevant suggestions