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What to consider when looking for experienced telemarketers?.

Posted on: 19 December 2018

When faced with the selecting telemarketing staff, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what our clients are seeking from the projects they outsource to us, as trusted supporters.

We also need to consider the culture within the existing team and while embracing diversity, work within the parameters of what we know works in the business realms that we deal in.

We’ve probably all told an unwanted telephone caller to go away because they didn’t handle the overture very well. So why would we perpetuate telemarketing malpractice, and hope to be successful?

It has never been acceptable for someone to deliver and unoriginal sing-song message to a non-targeted contact in a hit or miss attempt to engage interest. Nor will it lead to success for us to read some stale message from a script, or attempt a flow-chart of information gathering when there’s zero interest from either party. In a GDPR-compliant age, telemarketing to businesses needs to be targeted, worthwhile and likely to lead to further business.

So our mission is to quickly uncover the source of any potentially painful pinch-points in the organisation and to provide a solution to their problem. If we are able to do that, we tell them of the possible solution to it. It sounds simple…but it’s not.

Great outsourced telemarketers, are masters of business matchmaking, developing strong personal relationships for third parties. For us to be successful at that, we need people who can listen and have a solid comprehension of where the call is leading.

Some people think intelligence is of secondary importance, that a lovely bubbly personality is all that is needed. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So it comes as a challenge to sift through the skills and behaviors of available candidates when we are selecting new starters. Our clear desire obviously, is for a professional with concise ability to communicate ideas and opportunities and turn these into a successful lead generation campaign. People with comprehension skills and an agile business brains – who make connections with ideas and snippets to increase business development opportunities.

Our business relies on people with a vast curiosity to work across sectors as diverse as education telemarketing, pharma event population, tech/IT lead generation and appointment making for sales of manufacturing and professional services.

The skills necessary for a telemarketing/lead generation conversation are very different from the controlled, polite-but-firm questioning needed for market research questionnaires, where the caller cannot lead the thinking of the respondent.

Twenty years as a recruitment consultant has helped me a little, but it’s still challenging to find someone confident enough to speak to a people in the house of Lords one day and chat to site managers the next; engage with apprenticeship providers and engage in telemarketing opportunities to get Master’s Degree Level learning opportunities into FTSE 500 companies.

The offering of unedited call-recordings for some of our clients, coupled with the simple checking of names, means our very talented people have to maintain levels of concentration all day that some people find very challenging. Yet our team are very good at this. If it’s for you – contact us for an informal chat!

Posted: 19 December 2018 | Knowledge, knowledge bank


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