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4 Ways To Generate High Quality Leads.

Posted on: 16 December 2020

4 Ways To Generate High Quality Leads

Leads are necessary for sales to take place. Without leads you will have no converting customers, and without customers you will not exist. While not every single lead is going to convert into a customer, knowing and targeting good quality leads will offer you a more promising opportunity.

Lead generation is therefore an extremely important part of business. And if you’re not utilising the expertise of a lead generation agency, like ourselves, then ensuring that your lead generation campaign is well setup is the first step.

However, in the meantime, it is useful to be aware of ways in which you can generate your own high quality leads. Keep on reading to discover four of our highly recommended strategies to do just this.

1. Create Your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

Before you go out and begin looking for leads, it is important to know what characteristics you are searching for. This is when creating an ideal customer profile comes in handy.

The points you must specify will need to be demographics, points that indicate whether the person is looking to buy, and what kind of product or service they are actually looking for.

Once you have outlined these important points, you will have a solid picture of the kind of person or business (if you are concerned with B2B lead generation) you want to target and can make decisions from there. This will allow you to begin cultivating those high quality leads! 

2. Utilise Email Marketing Effectively

When it comes to generating high quality leads, a strategy that has yielded successful results time and time again is email marketing. With email marketing, there is an opportunity to get hot sales leads simply by using automated emails. Additionally, a lot of time can be saved by automating this type of marketing and focus can be spent elsewhere.

The important thing with email marketing is to segment lists depending on what people have opted in for. This personalisation will be received favourably and will help you stand a greater chance of converting leads into paying customers.

Also keep in mind your ICP. If you can remain aware of certain downfalls or deficiencies within targeted businesses, specific emails that aim to offer a solution will be useful to them. This is an effective strategy for increasing your B2B lead generation and filling your sales funnel with those all important high quality leads, which you can focus on turning into customers.

3. Focus On Quality Content Marketing With CTAs

Nowadays, many people prefer finding information on certain topics themselves before making a purchase decision. In this case, providing good quality content or guides is a clever route to take.

Although creating content may be more time consuming, if you are able to provide the information others are looking for, they are likely to give you their email address in return.

This is where a call to action (CTA) will be useful. Offering downloadable, sought after information in return for an email address is a small ask for the quality of content they will be getting. Once you have an email address, you can add them to your automated email lists and take them on a gradual journey until they convert.

4. Use The Power Of Social Media

This one could not be left out as social media is by far one of the biggest driving forces behind leads today. Alongside outsourcing or using lead generation services, social media is a good way for you to further increase your leads internally.

LinkedIn is used by many businesses to engage with potential customers. This professional platform is one type of social media that can be utilised to produce powerful results and bring in many promising leads. 

Social media can fall alongside your content marketing too, as many blog posts or videos you create can be segmented to share on social platforms too. If you are consistent and purposeful, attracting hot sales leads will come quickly.


Lead generation is a process but if you follow strategies such as the ones mentioned above, you will have success converting them!

And if you think the expertise of a lead generation agency would benefit your business, then get in touch with our friendly team and see how our services can tighten those leaks in your sales funnel.

Posted: 16 December 2020 | Blog, Lead Generation


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