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Lead Generation Challenges Most Companies Face.

Posted on: 16 October 2017

Many businesses know the importance of lead generation, yet they also face a range of setbacks when trying to create high quality leads. Generating leads through a variety of channels is very time consuming, and many companies simply don’t have the man power to successfully deliver a lead generation project. This is just one of the many challenges faced by businesses aiming to attract potential buyers.

The traditional buying process has changed, giving consumers more power and choice than ever before. With an abundance of information available at their fingertips, it’s more vital than ever to focus on and invest in lead generation tactics. Here are a few of the main challenges experienced by businesses of all sizes in all sectors.

Lack of insight and knowledge

Many small businesses may not have a marketing team with the expertise needed to generate successful leads. This means the company isn’t positioned to carry out an effective strategy, with perhaps a lack of insight on the target audience and not enough competitor research. Without experience in marketing techniques and lead generation campaigns, companies struggle to succeed in this area.

Lack of data

To get access to a potentially great sales lead you need reliable data to work from. High quality data drives lead generation, whether it’s in the form of telephone numbers from past customers or keyword research for a PPC digital marketing campaign.

Lack of resources

The majority of businesses simply don’t have the in-house resources or people to conduct an effective lead generation campaign. A professional marketing company which takes on outsourced lead generation projects can take advantage of modern software, such as Barbour ABI Lead Generation, which most companies won’t have.

Lack of tracking and evaluation

There’s no point putting all of this effort into a lead generation strategy and then not evaluating its effectiveness. From the word go you need to have clear aims and objectives, and then try out different tactics to see which were most successful. If you can’t track a lead all the way through the sales funnel the whole campaign is useless.

With so many tests and trials faced by companies of all sizes, it’s no wonder that the majority of businesses hire the help of a market research company. The experts understand how to approach customers and generate real leads, allowing businesses to focus on everyday operations and keeping customers happy. Get in touch to find out more about our lead generation service.

Posted: 16 October 2017 | Lead Generation


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