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What is Market Research?

What is Market Research?.

Posted on: 28 May 2019

Market Research is most often defined as a process in which we examine an industry’s buyers, products according to buyer’s requirement and what are their future prospects.

Engagement with particular people is very important in order to obtain proper data that would help a business and the research itself. This can be used to position a product in the market to predict its value in the future.

In most industries, Market Research is just a catchy word that draws the attention of the industries and consumers. Though it can answer very important and serious questions that you might have regarding your product or business.

Market Researchers usually investigates several areas of the market and it generally takes too long for them or sometimes luck works out and answers are obtained immediately.

It gets very important to search about the buyers and target markets to set goals for a business and it also helps mould a product or service according to customers need. In case we are unaware of the customer’s demand in the market, we may produce a product that may attract the attention of only a very few customers, disappointing the remaining prospects. To avoid this in the future, it is better to work on it beforehand and produce products or services that are actually needed by the masses.

There are also situations when market research is done to know about the public response to a certain product or business. Companies love to stay aware of the happenings about their products and services. So, it also helps find out information about how a certain product or service is doing in the market.

This is also defined as a systematic process of collecting, analysing and interpreting information about the target market, consumers and competitors. It can be used for plenty of distinct purposes, from identifying a new market to launching a new business.

Business at different levels carry out market research for many different purposes. Following are some of the ways mentioned that tells us how businesses can use market research:

To deduce the achievability of a newly launched business

It is very important to look out for the needs for your product that is about to launch in the market. If there is no demand, then your business is more likely to fail in the market.

To remain updated with the latest marketing trends

Latest marketing techniques and strategies should be developed to stay in the run of the competition. If you’ll keep on sticking to ancient techniques, then you would never succeed in the current market.

To choose the correct timing for your product to enter the market

Market Research would help you select proper timings for your business or product. If there are too many product/business launches in that time period, then it is better for you to wait for a while and enter the market when people are looking for a new engagement.

To make space for improvement

A business should be aware of its flaws and to learn about it, public opinion is very important. Advice should be taken from them and improvement should be made in an area where it is needed.

Posted: 28 May 2019 | Blog, Market Research, Telemarketing


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