Professional Services from SME to Organisations in the Public sector

At Prospect Research we have a vast amount of experience working for clients in many different sectors, and have successfully completed telemarketing, data cleansing, lead generation and market research campaigns for them.   From appointment setting for national sales teams to customer feedback exercises, our experienced team will represent you in a professional manner, acting as credible ambassadors for your company.


We have worked with over 500 professional services clients ranging from small to medium enterprises to organisations in the public sector. We have targeted almost every sector imaginable and found 1,000’s of sales opportunities for our clients.

We have worked for a range of clients in the professional services sector such as:

  • Accountancy practices
  • Banks
  • Legal practices
  • Marketing agencies
  • Outsourced solution providers

Typically businesses use our services as an outsourced resource when they lack either the expertise or time to manage them in-house. Luckily, we can provide a wide range of services from market research and telemarketing, to digital marketing and lead generation.

The team here at Prospect Research have extensive knowledge and experience of engaging with key decision makers to establish genuine business opportunities that lead to long term growth and profitability.

We can work with you to define the best segments of the market to target, the best level of decision maker to engage with and capture market insight from our activity to help you further understand the markets you are targeting.


“It’s Prospects flexibility and adaptability to our take on work to help us out that really stands out. Quite a lot of our work we plan as best we can but sometimes things happen that can’t be anticipated so it’s good that Prospect are flexible and it gives me the feeling that they’re there to help me deliver the campaign rather than as a supplier sometimes. It’s helped us to deliver better campaigns.”

Account Manager, Sift Media


How can we help?

Achieve success with our B2B telemarketing. We work hard to quality all opportunities to maximise conversion rates and to help you achieve your goals.  Telemarketing is a proactive way to reach out to the types of organisations you’d like to do business with.

Lead Generation

We can deliver high quality opportunities for your sales team to follow up by qualifying business requirement, needs and timing.  We will work with you to keep your sales team on the road and developing business.

Market Research

Understanding your markets and perceptions of your organisation is key to maximising your success. We can help with our qualitative and quantitative market research services that can be tailored to meet your organisations requirements.


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